Sleeping Positions To Stay Healthy: Ten Best And Worst Ways To Sleep During The Night

May 5, 2016

Ten sleeping position should be known (with the effects)

Sleeping Positions To Stay Healthy Ten Best And Worst Ways To Sleep During The Night

You both slept back to back without touching each other
This is one of the most common position that indicates the condition is good and loving, but less intimacy. To create intimacy, distance between people should be no more than one inch. It is more convenient to do than going to go back to back with your partner.

As already known from the above explanation, the best distance is no more than one inch so that if exceeding one inch and without physical contact, it can indicate that they have serious problems in their relationships or in their daily activities, such as fatigue as a result of hours of hard work that must be faced almost every single day.

Couples facing each other
This position allows you to get a lot of physical contact with your partner. You can embrace and see each other. This position requires full access to the chest and legs of each person. If you want to solve a problem in your relationship, this is the recommended first step.

This position is the best position to reduce stress but has the disadvantage that it can trigger pain in the arm, spinal, and misalignment in the neck. You should avoid this position.

Couples sleeping on the bed and both are facing the opposite direction
This is a position of pre-divorce because it creates a large space between the couples. This is not the only indication but is more related to how often you touch one another. If you are accustomed to sleeping in this position, then you have to think one more time about your relationship.

On your back with your arms, better known as ” position of starfish ”
This position is recommended to prevent facial wrinkles because if you go down, your arms may be vulnerable to acid reflux. We encourage you to use the extra pillow. According to a study, people who love this position are generous and good listeners.

This position is recommended to minimize spinal pain. You can put a pillow between your knees so that you will not tire your spine. You can also place a pillow under your hips to support your joints. You can reach more health benefits by improving your sleeping position.

The position of the fetus
This is the worst sleeping position because it will cause pain on the back and neck. This position is when the knee is embraced then withdrawn so as to make the body look like a ball. You might wake up with back pain, neck pain, and headache.

Sleep on your stomach
This position pushes the muscles and joints that can lead to numbness and strain on the spine. Its only advantage is that it reduces snoring as it keeps the airways remain in an open state.

Sleep on your side
This position is recommended for anyone who suffers from obstructive sleep apnea or snoring problem. This position is also good for pregnant women because will help in flowing blood to the heart. However you are not recommended to apply this position too often because it can lead to sagging breasts.

Sleep on your back
It is the most recommended by doctors because it is useful to keep the condition of neck and spine. This position is also considered very well in spiritual matter. In adopting this position, do not use too many pillows.


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