Sleeping Positions and What They Mean To You

December 15, 2014

Sleeping Positions and What They Mean To You

Did you know that how an individual sleeps can effect what health they have?

We all need enough sleep to survive, yet some sleeping positions are better than others. A person may not realize that if they sleep on the back, with the arms straight to the side, they are more likely to snore.


However, this is often considered to be the best sleeping position as it supports the spine and the neck. Sleep neap is associated with individuals that sleep on the back as well.

Others tend to sleep on the back with the arms stretched up to the side. Individuals that sleep like this may be comfortable, but often report issues with acid re flux and will also snore. The shoulders can also suffer from pain as having the arms up like this puts pressure on the nerves.

Sleeping on the stomach can cause back pain, as the spine is not fully supported. An added benefit to sleeping on the stomach is improved digestion, however, with the neck craned to the side, it will put a lot of pressure on the neck.

Many sleep in the fetal position as it is comfortable. However, there is undo stress and pressure put on the neck and back. This position also reduces the ability to breath deeply.

When an individual sleeps on the side with the arms straight to the sides, the spine is supported well.
This is a great position to help reduce sleep neap as well as reduce any back and neck pain. The negative of this position is it leads to sagging breasts and facial wrinkles. It also matters which side is slept on.

Sleeping on the right side can make heartburn worse, but sleeping on the left side can make strains on the liver, stomach, and lungs.

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