Smart Way to Remove Skin Lump from Ear

March 2, 2016

I wrote this article because I had been infected from atheroma or skin lump on my ear both side, right and left ear. After take medication and surgery till today, it is repeating constantly and now I finally found smart way and natural solution how to remove skin lump on my ear.

Smart Way to Remove Skin Lump from Ear

This method take me cost less than three $3. Atheroma is a early tumor of the sub-cutaneous tissue on the human body and referred to epidermoid cyst, epidermis, skin, cyst cavity is located in abnormal human body tissue or organ. It is accumulation of degerative material in the inside body and inner layer of artery. It is containing of fatty acids and cholesterol calcium and fibre tissue.

It is important to know that sebum is protective skin function and accumulated by sebaceous-gland in the sub-cutaneous human body tissue. It is not clear why skin cells and cholesterol crystal accumulate to small form and tiny ball. It is genetic pre-disposition and disrupt to skin development. Atheroma is painful when it was inflamed and something burn inside human body or inside tiny ball. It got red from outside body and grows constantly.

My atheroma was show up on my left side ear three year ago. It begin with small form and I felt nothing worry about it. It just tiny bubble behind my left ear and time by time it become inflamed. Within one month it become big and rise half inches.

I was working on night and I will finish at 08.00 pm but I can’t stay till 08.00 because my atheroma become more inflamed on my left ear. I went to doctor and he said it should be removed as soon as possible with surgery. I agreed and the doctor did it just within twenty minutes. Then atheroma is happen again on my right ear just in two month after and atheroma rise again on my left ear. It is repeating constantly every time. I went to my doctor and agreed to do surgery again. It is easy way to remove athorema by surgery. I lay down for fifteen till twenty minutes and my atheroma is removed, without inflammation. My ear is healthy again and standing properly.

Organic Therapy to Rule out Skin Lumps (Lipomas)

I was worry why my atheroma is repeating again. After surgery it was clearly and it show up again. It caused by food what I eat but I didn’t get clue which food I eat that cause atheroma. However, it is natural way to remove atheroma and I found it.

Propolis is the natural and fast way to remove atheroma. It is good way to get propolis at the pharmacy with better effect. I bought propolis with 25 percent concentration and it cost only less than three dollars. It is simple to use propolis. Just put few drop of cotton and put propolis on the area where atheroma is.

Please do this way for three till four times in a day for one weel and I got incredible result. I felt great benefits from propolis to remove atheroma disorder on my ear than surgery. Propolis can decompress atheroma cells and flash out through urine. It was excited experience and I got amazing result for my atheroma. After four surgery, finally I got the fastest and natural way to remove athorema.


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