Some Australian researchers find such a cancer-fighting berry!

September 25, 2015

A cancer-fighting berry has been discovered in the Australian outback, precisely in North Queensland. Australian scientists claim that this plant is a new hope for all cancer patients worldwide.

Some Australian researchers find such a cancer-fighting berry

QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute in Queensland, Australia has conducted a study of Blushwood (Hylandia Dockrilii), a wild plant that only grows in North Queensland, to treat solid cancer tumor in pre-clinical trials. Blushwood is a kind of rainforest berry.

Blushwood has been tested on a few animals, dogs, horses, cats, even Tasmanian Devil, and proved capable of destroying solid tumors. Scientists extracted from the seeds of this plant against solid tumors.

Blushwood study was led by Dr. Glen Boyle, and resulted in a conclusion that a single injection of the drug EBC-46 is able to cause massive damage to the structure of solid tumors. According to Dr. Boyle, one injection of EBC-46 is able to destroy cancer of the head, colon, and neck. One injection of EBC-46 is able to eliminate the viability of cancer cells in just 4 hours.

Researchers led by Dr. Boyle found that EBC-46 triggers a cellular response that will ultimately disrupt and even cut off the blood supply to the tumor. We must realize that, just like other cells, tumor cells acquire food intake through the blood. If the tumor does not receive food intake, then the tumor will die.

Based on the various experiments that have been carried out, in more than 70 percent of pre-clinical cases observed, got lasting effects, with a slight relapse within a period of 12 months. In this experiment, the scientists were trying to cure some cancer types; melanoma, head and neck cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, and breast cancer. Once injected, the drug EBC-46 will work directly attacking tumor structure.

In the first stage, the tumor will look purple, and in less than 24 hours, the tumor will look black, and a few days later, the tumor will fall. According to Dr. Boyle, Blushwood compound works in three ways:

  1. Eliminating the blood supply to tumors
  2. Killing tumors
  3. Turning on the immune system

EBC-46, the Blushwood compound, is highly reactive, will work directly once injected. Currently, the production of EBC-46 is being developed by QBiotics, a subsidiary of Queensland biotechnology company EcoBiotics. This compound was developed as a pharmaceutical, for both humans and animals.

QBiotics is conducting clinical trials on animals in the United States and Australia, while waiting for official approval to conduct experiments on humans. According to Dr. Boyle, EBC-46 injections will only be tested in tumors that can be accessed directly, and for now, researchers have not found evidence that this compound will be effective in treating metastatic cancer.


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