SPECIAL OIL FOR WOMEN: Relives Pain and Helps with Cystic, Swollen and Painful BREASTS! (Recipe)

September 11, 2015

Dandelion is one of the most medicinal plants out there; all its parts can be used for medicinal purposes.

Its young leaves are excellent spring detox salad and a rich source of vitamin A. Dandelion helps in dissolving gallbladder stones, regulates the metabolism and purifies the blood and stomach. Folk medicine recommends them against diabetes.

SPECIAL OIL FOR WOMEN Relives Pain and Helps with Cystic, Swollen and Painful BREASTS

Dandelion root is attributed with great medicinal significance. It detoxifies the liver and also supports the health of the entire body; drinking tea from the roots can even heal hepatitis B in just 6 weeks.

Today we focus to its flowers, which indeed:

– contain antioxidants

– treat pain

– treat stomach cramps

– reduce depression

– contain helenin that improves night vision

– contain vitamin A and B12

The dandelion flowers are often used for preparation of cough syrup. For example, in the Korean folk medicine, its flowers are used against ulcers, infections, tuberculosis, and for better blood circulation.

This is the best oil for cystic and swollen, painful breasts.

In America, the popular oil from dandelion flowers is highly praised for eliminating the pain of arthritis and gout, swollen breasts, stress and pain in the joints. Dandelion oil is always good to have at home because it has a strong relaxing and analgesic effect.

Dandelion is generally favorable for women’s diseases, especially for the prevention and treatment of breast diseases, cysts, cancer, swelling and problems with breastfeeding.

Dandelion oil harmlessly relives pain especially joint pains, back pain, sinus headaches, neck stiffness etc.

The flowers have a special effect on the breasts. Regular use of dandelion oil deeply relaxes the tissue in the breast and helps release the suppressed emotions. When regularly applied to the breast, dandelion oil positively effects the overall well-being and strengthens the immune system and helps in the prevention of cancer.

Breast pain or sensitivity before menstrual cycle, cysts, benign lumps (fibroma), mastopathy (fibrocystic mastopathy) are widely spread diseases that afflict more women around the world. As one of the main causes of the occurrence of benign disease is increased stress to which we are daily exposed.

Breast pain is often caused by cysts – fluid-filled sacs during the menstrual cycle change shape and size. They are generally soft, smooth and mobile, but if they are quite filled with water, they can be pretty hard.
The combination of dandelion oil made from dandelion flowers and dandelion oil made from dandelion roots can help with minor infections, can relieve swollen mammary glands and reduce cysts in the breasts.

Dandelion flowers contain lecithin, whose topical application helps with diseases such as psoriasis.

Dandelion oil made from flowers can be used to massage the whole body in order to reduce tension.

It is suitable for the treatment of cats because it is mild and does not contain salicylates which could harm the cats.

The recipe for dandelion oil (maceration)

You will need:

Dandelion flowers

Good quality cold-pressed oil (almond, apricot, macadamia, olive, sesame or grape seed oil)

Fill half to two-thirds of small jars with dandelion flowers. Pour the oil over the flowers to the top so that they are completely covered. Stir the mixture to take out the air bubbles. Place gauze on top of the jar and secure it with a rubber band or tie. Leave the jar in a sunny warm place for two weeks or until the flowers become brown. After that, strain the oil into a sterilized dark bottle. Keep the oil in a cool dark place.

How to use dandelion oil?

When the oil is prepared, rub it on the painful area several times a day.

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