Food Elixir Made with Just Spices and Water

February 27, 2015

Food Elixir Made with Just Spices and Water

The best beverage that anyone can drink is water. But did you know that just by adding some spices, you can supercharge your water with healing properties?

Spices and Water

The whole system will be cleansed when an individual drinks water, and the digestion system will be improved. These beverages can be prepared in the morning and then drank throughout the day to see tremendous benefits.

Lemon and Lime Juice
Lemon and limes can be squeezed directly into water for a refreshing beverage. The vitamin C that is found in both of these citrus fruits will help to neutralize free radicals. They will also help to clean the body of toxins and help with the digestive process. Half a lemon or lime can be used for each glass of water.
Cucumber can be used in water to add a refreshing taste. Cut a cucumber into small pieces and add to a glass of water. The cucumber will help to rid the body of unwanted toxins and aid in digestion. After the water has been drank, the cucumber may be eaten as they are a great source of fiber and contain antioxidants.
Ginger can be added to fresh water to help improve the blood circulation. Ginger also helps with cramping, nausea, bad digestion, and flatulence. Take a piece of ginger the size of your thumb, chop into small pieces and add to a glass of water. After drinking the water, the chopped ginger may be eaten.
This powerful spice improves digestion in the body. It will also help protect the body against any viruses. Cinnamon is wonderful in speeding up the metabolic process, and will also regulate the blood sugar levels in the body. One cinnamon stick can be added to water, letting it soak until there is an aroma to the water.
Clove is a wonderful spice to add to water because it will help to fight off parasites that are found in the human body. Clove will also aid in the digestive process. Place three to five cloves in water and let stand until there is an aroma. The cloves may be eaten after the water is done, just use caution as they are hot to eat.
Mint leaves
Mint leaves add a wonderful flavor to water. They help not only activate the saliva glands, but help to digest substances in the body. Fresh mint is often used to alleviate upset stomachs. Add a few springs of mint to the water and let stand for a few minutes to release the wonderful taste.


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