Spot a Heart Attack A Month Before It Happens

July 22, 2015

The number one leading cause of death in America is a heart attack.  To prevent a heart attack, it is crucial for us to spot symptoms before hand, which can often be seen a month or two before the heart attack takes place.  Many Americans are not even aware of the undo stress that is put on the body.

Spot a Heart Attack A Month Before It Happens

A buildup of plaque in the arteries is what causes a person to have a heart attack in the first place.  This will cause a blood supply loss to the heart which leads to the heart attack. Dead tissue will be killed during a heart attack, so extreme pain and pressure are felt.

Here are 6 of the most common symptoms that one should look for when trying to prevent  a heart attack:

1.  Dizziness and cold spells–  The brain will not get the blood flow that it needs to function properly.  This is an immediate danger and medical attention should be received asap.

2.  Chest pressure– One of the most notable signs, this will signal that a heart attack is very near.  If you are experiencing this pressure, get it checked out as this is a serious sign.

3.  Weakness– The arteries are narrowing, so this will make the body weak.  Blood will not be able to flow as freely through the arteries.

4.  Flu and cold symptoms– Right before a heart attack happens, many will experience these symptoms.  Contact your physician immediately if you have these signs.

5.  Fatigue– Feeling fatigued could be a result of not having enough blood flow to your heart.  The arteries could be full of plague, which are responsible for carrying the blood to and from the heart.

6.  Shortness of breath– The lungs suffer when there is not enough blood going to the heart.  The blood could get into the lungs, which will ensure that not enough air is getting into the lungs.  If you can not breath or are having issues, please contact your doctor immediately.

If you experience any of these 6 signs, you need to get medical attention and let your doctor know asap.

This can really prevent a heart attack and keep you healthier.



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