Start Eating Papaya Seeds Right Now – They Are Magical Cure For Gut, Liver, Kidney, Cancer And For More Other Diseases

June 7, 2016

Most of the people while eating papaya throw away the seeds not being aware that they are beneficial. The seeds can cure and prevent many health problems with liver, gut, Dengue and worms.Start Eating Papaya Seeds Right Now – They Are Magical Cure For Gut, Liver, Kidney, Cancer And For More Other DiseasesRead more to find out the benefits of the papaya seeds:

  1. Health of the liver

The seeds contain nutrients that help with the cirrhosis of the liver. For preventing this condition, grind five or six papaya seeds in your food or juice. It is recommended to do this procedure for thirty days. It can help with the process of detoxification of the liver and can prevent many diseases.

  1. Health of the kidney

Papaya seeds can improve kidneys health and prevent renal to fail its function.

  1. Anti-inflammatory properties

The seeds have anti-inflammatory properties making them great for relieving arthritis, joint disease, pain and redness.

  1. Anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties

These seeds can cure diseases like Typhoid and Dengue, can fight aggressive infections and can eliminate bacteria like salmonella, staph and E.coli.

How to make papaya juice:

Use two papaya leaves and wash them, then chop them into smaller pieces. If you have filter cloth, squeeze the pulp through it to produce juice. There should be about two tablespoons of juice to drink daily as a remedy.

Fights cancer
The agents within the papaya seeds are able to stop the increase of cancer tumors and cells. They also have isothiocyanate which is excellent for leukemia, breast, lung, colon and prostate cancer .

Parasites Destroyer
 The papaya seeds contain an alkaloid, named “Carpaine” which helps in destroying the intestinal worms and ameba parasites. It can metabolize the proteins as well.

Natural contraceptive
Papaya seeds are used as natural contraceptives since they do not have side-effects for both women and men of any kind.

Aids digestion
The seeds have enzyme papain which is good for women who attempt to get pregnant, and are also good for protein digestion.

If men want to reduce the production of sperm without any affection of the libido, they have to eat one teaspoon papaya seeds every day, for three months. Be aware, since this effect of the papaya seeds is temporal and the fertility comes back to normal when the seeds are not consumed any more.

How to consume papaya seeds:
They can be eaten ground, crushed, raw in honey, milk or dressings for salads.

Side effects and warnings for using papaya seeds:
It is not recommended for pregnant women since it would affect to the breast milk. They can be very powerful for the digestive tracts of the young children, but you should consider consulting your doctor before giving them to babies.

Source: healthandhealthyliving

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