Here Is Why You Should Stop Wearing Bras According to Scientists

May 19, 2017

Turns out that wearing a bra can actually have some health consequences that are not good at all. In order to raise awareness to more people some women have stopped wearing bras as a sign of protest and in order to bring more attention to the issue.

This day is a specific one and it is always October 13th and it is widely known as National No Bra Day.

There are many researches made about his information and there are many causes that collect funds for this sole purpose. Bras are actually useful to women, all women and especially those with larger breasts.

They are meant to keep the breasts in one place and it is quite convenient as it makes it easier to move corresponding to the breasts.

A professor at the University at Franche-Comte by the name Jean-Denis Rouillion has made a study that lasted 15 years and it have evaluated the effects that bras have over the health of women. This study involved 330 women and the results of the study were really surprising and very opposite of common beliefs.

The study showed that wearing a bra even since a younger age does not reduce breast sagging nor does it support the chest and reduce back pain due to the weight.

“There are no benefits to the breast by denying them gravity and basically freedom. Without any bras, you have a lesser chance of sagging.”

According to the study women who have stopped wearing bras that had much lifted breasts that women who wore bras. That is all due to the fact that without a bra the production of collagen in the skin in general is improved and increased and that means much more lifted breasts.

According to many scientists, bras can hamper the blood circulation and reduce the general tone of the breasts. However, bras still remain crucial to a woman and while we should avoid them we cannot do that completely. Finding a good balance between wearing and not wearing a bra would be perfect.


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