Stopping a Heart Attack in One Minute Flat

February 27, 2015

Stopping a Heart Attack in One Minute Flat

One powerful ingredient can stop a heart attack in a matter of a minute. Many are astonished to learn this but cayenne pepper can do the trick. Always have cayenne pepper on hand because you never know when it can save your life.

Stopping a Heart Attack in One Minute Flat
How an individual can prevent a heart attack using cayenne pepper ?
Cayenne pepper has many wonderful health properties. An amazing stat is that Dr. Christopher, an American herbalist, has not had a single patient loose their life in his 35 year career due to a heart attack because of the power of cayenne pepper.

He has his patients drink cayenne pepper tea (one cup of water to one teaspoon of cayenne pepper) while they are still conscious when suffering from a heart attack. Within one minute, his patients have all snapped out of the heart attack and have been safe.

This tea can be given to individuals that are suffering from a heart attack if they are still conscious. If an individual is suffering from a heart attack and is not conscious, one can use cayenne pepper extract.
This extract will have to have at least 90,000 Scoville units.

The extract can be placed underneath the individual that is suffering from the heart attacks tongue. This strong pepper will not effect a person’s conscious. It will rather increase the heart rate, carrying blood to all parts of the body. This will help to balance out the circulation.

Other effects of cayenne pepper include helping in recovery of the heart, and will help to stop bleeding instantly. Cayenne pepper also has hemostatic effects.
Recipe for cayenne pepper to stop heart attacks:

The following recipe may be used to stop heart attacks in a minute flat. Remember to use only cayenne pepper, and not hot pepper.
• Cayenne pepper powder
• a few fresh cayenne peppers
• vodka or 50% alcohol
• glass bottle
• gloves
Put the gloves on, then fill a quarter of the glass bottle with cayenne pepper powder on the first day of the new moon. Pour in just enough vodka to cover the powder. Blend a few fresh cayenne peppers, adding enough vodka to get a sauce like mixture.

Add this to the bottle, which will now be 3⁄4 of the way full. Fill the rest of the bottle with vodka and shake well. Shake it several times during the day.
Keep this mixture until the next full moon. Strain the bottle and store in a dark bottle. This will not spoil as long as it is kept in a dry, dark place.

This should be given to a patient that is suffering from a heart attack, giving them 5 to 10 drops. Give 5 to 10 more drops five minutes later, repeating until individual’s symptoms improve.


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