Russian Recipe for Strengthening Hair Roots

March 30, 2015

Say Goodbye to Hair Loss: Russian Recipe for Strengthening Hair Roots

This mask regenerates the structure of hair roots and stops hair loss, and all you need is only one ingredient to make it.


Hair loss and weak hair roots problem is really common and the products which exists in our markets do not help to everyone. But, nature offers the best solution for this problem.
Russian doctor Tatjana Viktorovna Konovalova has discovered a simple mask recipe for strengthening hair roots.

The only one ingredient that you need for making this mask is – carrot.
As an excellent source of beta carotene and vitamin A, carrot can improve your eyesight and also affects the scalp health which is essential for a healthy hair. Nutrients that carrot contains can improve your hair, skin and nails health. Carrot also helps in detoxification of the whole organism.

Preparation is also very simple: Grate a couple of fresh carrots and rub it into your hair roots.
Leave it for at least 15 minutes, and then wash it well as you usually do.
At the beginning, apply the mask before washing your hair at least 5 times in row.
When you strengthen the hair, it is enough to apply grated carrots once a month and you will see the first result after a few treatments.

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