Healthy Substitute for Caffeine

January 29, 2015

Alternatives to Caffeine

We have all been there where we need to consume caffeine to help wake us up. While we know that caffeine is not the best choice, it is an easy source of energy for most individuals.


But there are alternatives out there that can give us the energy that we crave. Consider upping the vitamin B intake.
When the body is deficient in vitamin B, it can make an individual fatigued. Foods that are rich in vitamin B include nuts, seeds, eggs, fortified grains and lean meats.

Water is an excellent alternative to caffeine. Many times the body is dehydrated, so it is therefore fatigued. Staying well hydrated will allow the body to have a burst of energy, instead of being in the slumps.
Instead of reaching for a coffee or soda pop, why not try a smoothie? The sugars found naturally in the fruit will help to perk the body up. Smoothies can be made with almost any fruit, and are simple to make. One could combine strawberries, a small banana, a bit of orange juice and some vanilla yogurt in a blender, adding a few ice cubes. Blend until all combined.

Exercise is a great alternative to caffeine. It will wake the body up and get the heart pumping. Go for a walk, swim a few laps, jog around the block. One can even lift some weights or dance to get an instant perk up.

And finally, getting a good night’s sleep will eliminate the need for excessive caffeine. Should an individual feel fatigued enough to reach for caffeine all the time, they should be looking at their sleeping habits. They should make sure they are getting enough sleep. If you find yourself reaching for caffeine, try going to bed an hour earlier to see if that helps.


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