The Epic Benefits of Sweet Potatoes

April 6, 2015

Sweet potatoes are very dense in nutrients. This vegetable can be eaten many ways, in pies and desserts, as well as a main vegetable dish. Consuming sweet potatoes can help reverse the damage of many health conditions.

Sweet Potatoes

Research has pointed out that consuming sweet potatoes may help reduce obesity rates, help with heart disease and diabetes, as well as give an increase of energy and promote a healthier complexion. There is about 6 grams of fiber in a sweet potato(medium sized) that has the skin left on.

Sweet potatoes can:

Reduce your risk of diabetes. Sweet potatoes are very low on the glycemic index. Eating them may help control blood sugar levels and insulin resistance in individuals. Individuals will not get blood sugar spikes after consuming this kind of potato. Since they are higher in fiber, a sweet potato can help lower blood glucose levels and improve blood sugar levels, lipids and insulin levels in individuals that suffer from type 2 diabetes.

Lowers blood pressure. Sweet potatoes contain potassium, which is important in keeping blood pressure at a steady rate. It is important to get the daily requirement of 4,700 mg. One sweet potato will contain roughly 542 mg.

Helps with digestion. Since sweet potatoes have a good source of fiber in them, this will help to regulate the digestive tract.

Keeps the heart healthy. Sweet potatoes contain B6, which is needed to break down homocysteine, a substance that will harden the arteries. The potassium found in the sweet potatoes will help the heart by lowering the blood pressure. The potassium will also keep the heartbeat regular.

Helps keep eyes healthy. Sweet potatoes are full of vitamins A, which can help to restore vision. They also contain vitamin C and E which help prevent degenerative damage to the eyes.

Prevents cancer. Sweet potatoes can help prevent breast cancer in premenopausal woman as well as ovarian cancer in postmenopausal woman. Do note that purple sweet potatoes are better at warding off cancer then the orange variety.

Helps with immunity of the body. Sweet potatoes contain about half the daily recommended amounts of vitamin C. The vitamins A and E found in sweet potatoes will also support a healthy immune system.

Stress. Eating sweet potatoes can help to boost the mood and make a person calmer. This is due to the magnesium found in the vegetable. They will also promote good artery, blood, bone, muscle and nervous health.

Healthy skin and hair. The vitamin A found in sweet potatoes will help protect against sun damage, while the vitamins C and E promote healthy, glowing skin. It will also stimulate collagen production.


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