Take 1 Teaspoon of This Spice Every Day and Lose Over 10 Pounds a Month

May 31, 2016

If it is the most important thing for you to lose weight, then you should be on a strict diet regime and try to be persistent in your workout plan as well.

Take 1 Teaspoon of This Spice Every Day and Lose Over 10 Pounds a MonthCan you believe that you can lose weight just by using  some ingredients like spices every day? Spices are beneficial for your overall health not only for losing some extra weight.

You must not cut some of the regular things you eat just because you think it will fasten up the process, on the contrary this may cause problems with your digestive system.

There is no need of starvation or getting away from the food you like. Try to combine your food as much healthier as can be and choose the one with the most nutritive benefits for better results.

A medical study in Iran showed studies like the one specific for the subject is more effective and helpful. There were forty four overweight women forming two groups, who were subject of ninety days diet regime with healthy food.

They had limited amount of calories intake, less than 500 calories on a daily basis. For breakfast, one of the groups had yogurt with cumin powder and the other one had just yogurt, no spice mixed.

The results at the end of the 90 days regime were, the group which consumed cumin lost over fourteen pounds as opposed to the one consuming only yogurt. In percentages, that is 14.64%  more fat eliminated than the group without the spice consumption.

Cumin has its beneficial features because of the chemical compounds, phytosterols, which prevents cholesterol to increase in the body. Every spice boosts the metabolism in a natural way, therefore the cumin does the same job because of the thermogenic effect he has.

Now that you found out of the cumin’s effectiveness on losing your weight, start including it in your regular diet.

Source: myhealthylifestories

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