Tea Thyme and tincture

October 15, 2013

Tea Thyme – effective for colds and inflammation of the airways

Thyme (thymus serpyllum) is plant with purple-red flowers. It blooms in June and July, and sometimes September. The thyme needs a lot of sun and heat and are therefore it can be found in dry rocky areas and mountain meadows,mostly on hot soil.


Most effective ingredient in it is thymol. Above ground parts of wild thyme essential oil containing 0.1 to 1 % .

Wild thyme has anti-inflammatory , antimicrobial activity , facilitates expectoration of secretions from the lungs and removes pain and weight in the chest . It’s used to treat inflammation of the airways and the lungs ( bronchitis , bronchopneumonia , bronchial asthma , laryngitis , tuberculosis ) .

The mechanism of action of wild thyme is tied to the presence of thymol . He softens the mucus in the airways and stimulates the lashes which are coated in the airway easier, to tip mucus solvent . The action of wild thyme in cases of acute bronchitis and colds is scientifically proven. A German study that involved 721 patients with bronchitis showed that the extract of wild thyme relieves cough attacks by 70 %.


For softening of mucus in the bronchial tubes and ease the cough you can prepare tea blend – 15 g thyme , 15 g root of primrose (primula officialis), and 15 g leaves of coltsfoot (tussilago farfara). For the preparation of the tea, mix them into a cup and pour 250 ml boiling water . Allow to stand for 15 minutes , add 1 tablespoon of honey . Drink the tea only warm , gradually , in sips . Daily you should drink 3 to 4 cups .


You can prepare tincture of thyme too:

200 g leaf thyme , 100 g glycerol , 320 g concentrated alcohol ( 96 % ) and 580 g boiled water .

Pour chopped leaves with a mixture of glycerol and alcohol . It should be soaked 8 days and occasionally stirred or shaked . Then Tincture shoud be strained. Put 20 or 30 drops on a sugarcube and use this tincture 3 times a day.


Tincture can be used for massage’s against pain in muscles and joints.

Due to the high content of thymol , wild thyme can show irritant effect on the mucous membrane of the stomach . Therefore it is recommended that long-term use in patients with ulcer of the stomach or duodenum.


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