7 Best Tea for your Home

October 13, 2014

Teas with favorable effects that you need to have them in your house! ! !




Chamomile is a popular herb used in teas around the world. However, there are some people who are allergic to chamomile and such should avoid taking this tea. Chamomile is proven to help with insomnia and helps to relax the body and mind. People who have trouble sleeping should drink a cup of chamomile tea before going to bed.


Nettle tea is one of the best natural remedies for various diseases – anemia, high blood pressure, rheumatism, arthritis, coughs and colds, congestion, urinary tract infections, kidney and urinary tract problems.


Ginger acts as a stimulant and gives you energy. The consumption of ginger tea stimulates and soothes the digestive system. Ginger is proven for relieving nausea. Also, thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties, ginger tea helps in fighting arthritis.


The original intent of mint tea is the soothing effect. In addition, peppermint or mint helps in easier digestion of food, reduces bloating and digestive problems. A cup of tea will relieve nausea and vomiting, especially if you suffer from motion sickness.

However, if you have heartburn, do not drink it because it can worsen the condition. This tea helps with herpes. Other health benefits of consuming this tea are relief of pain in muscles and relieving chronic pain, relieve cough and mild forms of asthma, as well as stress reduction. And finally, mint will refresh and your breath.


Lavender Tea is made from the dried flowers that grow on bushes of lavender. The medicinal properties of this plant have been documented and is appreciated all around the world. Cup of tea helps at soothing the mind and the body and contributes to easier and better sleep. When you feel anxious and depressed, get yourself a cup of lavender tea.

It will help you calm down and get in the mood. In the treatment of bloating, cramps, problems with the intestines, respiratory disorders and different types of infections lavender tea is No. 1. Lavander may be placed on the chest to reduce cough, alleviate bronchitis, asthma, colds and other respiratory problems.

Lavender is used for reducing body temperature at children and adults. This plant has other medicinal properties – use tea bags of lavender to heal the wounds, cuts and sores.


Drinking green tea has many health benefits. Green tea reduces the risk of cancer and inhibit the carcinogenic substances from cigarettes. It also contains powerful antioxidants, polyphenols, which help fighting free radicals. Moreover, green tea stops the formation of certain tumors.

This tea lowers cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, which promotes heart health. Green tea lowers blood pressure, prevents and fights tooth decay and inhibit different viruses and prevents them from developing various diseases. And last but not the least, green tea is recommended as a great detoxifying drink.

Lemon balm.

Lemon balm is a delicious drink and very effective tonic for calming nerves and anxiety. Cold tea bags of lemon balm help with problems with ulcers or when there are problems with genital sores that causes virus “herpes simplex”.

Lemon balm tea was successfully proven to help in treatment of agitation and anxiety, stress and insomnia. Lemon balm contains certain properties that help in controlling herpes and regulate the thyroid.

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