Teen Was Drinking 3 Glasses Of Green Tea Per Day. What Happened To Her? Left Doctors Stunned

June 8, 2016

Negative effects that might occur when drinking too much green tea.

We all know the old saying: “Everything in moderation”. Well, amen to that. Green tea is a well known drink that brings lots of benefits to your body, the more the merrier you might say. But not in this case.

Teen Was Drinking 3 Glasses Of Green Tea Per Day. What Happened To Her Left Doctors Stunned

It caused quite a shock amongst doctors that were  involved in this particular situation. It includes a young British teenage girl that encountered deceivingly slight health problems. Apart from her entire body aching she explained symptoms like vertigo and queasiness.

After a quick and immediate visit to the nearby hospital she was diagnosed with urinary tract infection and was given the proper medication considering her illness. Well, she came to find that pills and pharmaceuticals are not always the better option.

When her situation got worse she headed straight to the emergency room.

The medical team quickly noticed yellowish stains on her body probably caused by a substance called bilirubin in the blood that causes jaundice. Not only her illness was determined as serious and critical but her condition was suspected to have multiple ripple effects that the doctors ruled out to be hepatitis.

She had a turgid and irritated liver which was an odd occurrence since girls her age don’t usually suffer from this kind of grave reactions to hepatitis. Once the medical team did everything in their power to resolve the origin of this curious case they were left with astonishment.

All kinds of tests revealed her to be clean from any kind of medication, dope or any other intoxicants, and she claimed that she wasn’t abroad in the last few months. Dealing with this kind of disease was new to her and apparently, the doctors.

The answers she gave were honest but there was a small portion of doubt. After more examinations the doctors found out that she had bought 2 packets of green tea made in China, and that it was a constant routine of hers for almost 60 days in a row.

Never having read the label right since it was in Chinese, the teen was immediately seduced and assured that with just 3 cups a day, she would get wonderful weight loss results. She drank an abnormal quantity of tea because of the lack of solid information. The medical research team asked for a sachet of tea as a sample to investigate on.

The outcome suggested that she ought to stop consuming the tea immediately. It was consisted of a green leaf Camellia sinesis which was a key ingredient in many types of tea blends. It was the main cause for this kind of illness and liver damage and this was not the only case.

Consuming this plant on a daily basis has shown to be dangerous in many ways that sometimes led to liver transplantation. Since the weight loss objective was too high and couldn’t be achieved in a natural way there were chemicals infused in the tea blend that “helped” speed the process.

This particular case was shared with the BMJ Case Reports Journal that shared this story to the world and warned tea lovers, and online shoppers to be wary of indefinite and unchecked products purchased from various places around the globe.  Unless you do the necessary  groundwork on a product you best keep clear from it.

At last the teen fully recovered, and in time her organs stared functioning normally. But her story passes on to all people who can hear about the dangers of consuming too much green tea especially one that is wrongly advertised. No promise from any product can help you lose weight as eating moderately can.

Still one cup of tea, any kind of tea will always do good, just keep it real and from a secure brand.

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