The Best Ingredient to Protect Against Stomach Cancer

January 8, 2016

One of the most deadly forms of malignant disease is stomach cancer.  If you eat a certain food, you will be protected more so from stomach cancer.  The secret ingredient is cabbage, a food that fresh in the summertime and often pickled in the winter.

The Best Ingredient to Protect Against Stomach Cancer

This form is best known as sauerkraut, which is very high in vitamin C.  It is also very healing and very nutritious.

Did you know that captain James Cook would feed his entire crew this in order to ward off many diseases?

Sauerkraut is recommended for vegetarians.  Did you know that only 100 grams has 20 mg of vitamin C, as well as vitamin A, iron, folic acid, magnesium, sodium, protein, phosphorus, and potassium. It is also a great source of B12.

It can also be used to treat gout, diabetes, inflammation and burns.

All cabbage is great but you should know that red cabbage contains up to 7 times more healing power than regular cabbage. Sauerkraut also contains pro-biotic bacteria.

Here are some of the other benefits to eating pickled cabbage, or sauerkraut:

– helps make the immune system stronger
– helps to fight or ward off stress or soothe one
– improves the mood
– helps with the digestive organs, the stomach and the intestines
– helps to form red blood cells due to being high in vitamin B12
– reduces cholesterol that is high
– helps to remove harmful toxins in the body
– builds stronger bones

Here is how you can make your own pickled cabbage:

– 15 kg of cabbage
– .5 kg kosher salt
– 6 bay leaves
– 1 T pepper
– several pieces of quince (for yellowing coloring)
– anise, grapes, apples or cumin (optional)

Place the cabbage in a plastic barrel, then add the seasonings.  Continue this method until all cabbage has been used.  Pour water over the cabbages, then close the barrel.  Keep the barrel at room temperature until fully pickled.  This will take about one month.  Then move the barrel to a cool place.

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