The Best Plants for Human Health

May 25, 2015

Some of the luckiest people on Earth are those from India. There are so many wonderful plants there that modern medicine is jealous. One of these plants that is so beneficial is the Neem tree.

This is considered to be a miracle tree in India, as it is very beneficial to the health of humans. There are no side effects to this plant, unlike the medicine that is often used today. One of the most common uses for the Neem tree is making virgin oil, which is used in medicine.

close up of fresh indian curry leaves

Pretty much the entire Neem tree can be used for medicinal properties. Here are 12 wonderful uses for the Neem tree:

1. Neem twigs may be used as a toothbrush. Every morning the people of rural India use Neem twigs to chew on. This will prevent oral infections and bleeding of the gums.

2. Neem tree is often used in natural toothpastes. It will prevent gum and tooth decay, will bleach the teeth and fortify them as well.

3. The Neem tree can be used as a pesticide and germicide that is natural. It can successfully deter 500 types of insects that will destroy crops, furniture and other insects, such as the tick. It is anti-fungal, antiviral and antibacterial, which will protect our bodies.

4. Wrinkles can be reduced when Neem tree has this extracted. Collagen in the skin will be created which will help make it elastic and prevent wrinkles from forming. The skin will receive a healthy glow and look healthy. Acne and other skin conditions can also be treated using Neem tree oil.

5. Wounds can be healed faster when using Neem tree on the skin. This oil can treat many different infections on the skin, including scratches, sores and abrasions.

6. Neem paste can be used to treat eczema and psoriasis.

7. Joint paint can be relieved when using Neem oil. This can also help to strengthen the bones. Neem oil can be added to bath water to help the muscles relax.

8. If you are stressed, you can enjoy a mug of Neem tea. This will make the body feel invigorated and refreshed, and it will help to calm the body and mind.

9. A paste of Neem leaves can be applied to the scalp to prevent the hair from graying. This is also essential for preventing dandruff and hair loss. If you have lice, you can use this paste to kill the lice.

10. Neem tea is great for those with poor blood circulation. This will help to promote healthy blood cells.

11. Blood sugar levels can be dropped in individuals that have diabetes when they drink Neem tea.

12. If the Neem seeds are blended with water, and drank every day on an empty stomach, hemorrhoids and bleeding can be prevented.

Neem tree can be used for all sorts of ailments. But it can also boost the health of an individual that does not have any issues. Using Neem tree daily can help to prevent many issues.

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