The Blushwood Berries Can Be Newest Cancer Treatment

October 11, 2015

The next big cancer treatment could be blushwood berries according to the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute in Queensland, Australia. When used in a study, these berries killed off cancer cells almost immediately.

The Blushwood Berries Can Be Newest Cancer Treatment

The typical cancer treatments of radiation and chemotherapy have harsh side effects which make individuals feel more ill.  This new research can make cancer patients have a more natural treatment.

Blushwood berries come from the blushwood tree and only grow in the rainforests of Far North Queensland, where they grow in abundance. These trees can only thrive in particular conditions found in this native area.

In the study, which was headed by Dr. Glen Boyle, cats, dogs and horses were tested using an experimental drug that was produced from the seeds of blushwood berries.  The animals were all given poor prognosis by veterinarians, most of which were considered for euthanasia.  But after the subjects were treated, they all had tumors that had disappeared.

These tumors, which were from melanoma cancer, had the EBC-46(the drug that was produced from the berries) injected into them and within 48 hours, the tumors turned a dark color and then fell off.  It is thought that the berries cut off the oxygen supply which allow for the tumors to be treated without any surgeries, chemotherapy or radiation.

When the cancer cells were looked at under a microscope, it was seen that within moments, the cells shriveled up and died.

Dr. Boyle says that the drug could prove to be beneficial to human patients.

Other cancer cells treatments that individuals may be interested in are:

– Chamomile tea, which can help to prevent the spread of cancer cells.

– Flaxseed. These seeds can help prevent breast cancer, and also to reduce the risk of cancer.

– Carrots.  Carrots can help keep the digestive tract clean, but can also help to ward off and prevent many cancers.

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