The Greatest Powerful Natural Antibiotic Ever

November 19, 2015

The formula of excellent tonic related to medieval Europe life and from era when people suffer from all epidemic and diseases. The master cleansing of tonic actually has anti-biotic that can kill gram negative and positive bacteria. It is powerful and excellent anti-viral and anti-fungal formula: it can improve lymph and blood circulation within human body. This natural remedy is good choice to against candida.

The Greatest Powerful Natural Antibiotic Ever

The tonic can help people to cure and treat any bacteria, viral, fungal and parasite diseases and also plaque. This is powerful remedies and not be under-estimated.

The tonic can cure any chronic diseases and condition, encourage and purified blood circulation and help millions people to fight the deadliest illness.

The secret is excellent combination between fresh ingredient and high quality natural ingredients. This tonic is powerful remedy in treating all illness and serious diseases, strengthen human immune system successfully, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-parasite and anti-fungal medicine. This tonic can assist all infections.

Master tonic recipes

People might want to wear glove during this treatment preparation, especially when people handle hot pepper because it is not easy to get tingling off hand.

It is advisable to be careful because it has strong smell and stimulate the sinuses.

–  700 milliliter or 24 oz apple cider vinegar
–  ¼ cup of chopped garlic
–  ¼ cup of chopped onion
–  Two fresh pepper
–  ¼ cup of grated ginger
–  Two tablespoon of grated horseradish
–  Two tablespoon of turmeric powder
–  Two pieces of turmeric root

–  You combine all ingredients above into large bowl except apple cider vinegar
–  Place all ingredients in the mason jar
–  Add some apple cider vinegar and fill it well. It is recommended if 2/3 of jar consist of dry-ingredients and fill with cedar vinegar
–  Shake and close it well
–  It is advise to keep cool in the jar and dry it for two weeks.
–  Shake all ingredients well daily
–  After fourteen days, strain and squeeze liquid through plastic strain. It is good to squeeze the whole juice for better result
–  Dry all mixture when you cook this recipe
–  Master tonic is ready and it is advisable to not keep tonic in the refrigerator or fridge. It can last for long.
–  You also can use tonic at the kitchen and mix with olive oil or stew and salad dressing.

–  The flavor is very hot and strong
–  Eating sliced orange, lime and lemon after take this master tonic to ease, heat and burning sensation
–  Swallow and gargle
–  Do not dilute in water because it can decrease its reflect
–  Add one tbsp daily in order to fight cold and strengthen human immune system
–  Increase tonic composition in everyday until you get dose for one small glass/day
–  If you struggle fight to any serious and dangerous infection or diseases, add one tbsp of tonic for five – six time per day
–  It is safe tonic for children and pregnant women because there is no toxin and natural ingredients.

Warning: it is recommended to not use tonic on empty stomach and began with tea spoon. It is potential and lead to vomiting or nausea if you do not used to it.

Health benefits:

Garlic has strong anti-biotic and offer various health benefits. Unlike other chemical anti-biotic, Garlic can kill millions bacteria and any microorganism. It also increase healthy bacteria level and encourage it. Garlic is excellent anti-fungal agent and garlic can destroy or kill any antigen, harmful diseases and pathogen that cause microorganism.

Onion. It is garlic closest and have similar health benefits with garlic but it milder action. Onion and garlic can create high strong fighting.

Horseradish. It is excellent and powerful herb and effective for lungs and sinuses treatment. It can open sinus channel and improve circulation where flu and cold usually begin.

Ginger offer excellent and powerful anti inflammation property and have high strong circulation.

Chili pepper. It is greatest circulation stimulator than garlic. It can give antibiotic property and against diseases where it needed.

Turmeric. It is the greatest perfect spice for inflammation reduction and cleanse infection. It can block cancer development and prevent from dementia. Turmeric is useful for people who struggle with joint-pain.

Apple cider vinegar. It is something healthy ingredient of apple cider vinegar and most used for hippocrate, and medicine around four hundred BC because they have healthy property. There are 2 main remedy from apple cider vinegar and honey.

Apple cider vinegar made from ripe apple and fresh apple which fermented and go by rigorous process for final product. Apple cider vinegar has contain of fiber, pectin that useful to regulate blood pressure and reduce or eliminate bad cholesterol. Many health expert said that people need  calcium as they need before. Apple cider vinegar can help people to get enough calcium extraction from foods and help them to maintain bone strength. If people get potassium deficiency, it can cause various health problems such as: sinusitis, brittle nail, runny rose, brittle teeth and hair loss problem.

Apple cider vinegar has great potassium compound and one study showed that potassium deficiency is running in slow growth. All this health problem could be avoided if people consume apple cider vinegar on regular basis. Potassium can remove and reduce toxic waste from human body.

Beta carotene can help people to prevent any damaged tissue that caused by free-radical, maintain skin young and firm. It is important to know that apple cider vinegar is very good for people who want to get success or achieve goal in weight loss treatment. Apple cider vinegar can break fat and support to weight loss process in natural way. Apple cider vinegar has malic acid that very efficient to fight bacteria and fungus infection. The malic acid can dissolve uric-acid deposit from joint and alleviate any joint pain. Any dissolved uric-acid will be eliminated from human body.

There is no doubt that apple cider vinegar can helpful to cure any serious diseases such as: headaches, high cholesterol, constipation, indigestion, weak bones, eczema, chronic fatigue, arthritis, chronic fatigue, hair loss, sore eyes, obesity, high blood pressure and other health problems. Master tonic is the greatest combination to against this health condition and protect human health by using natural anti-biotic.

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