The Miracle Called Carob !!!

September 27, 2013


 The Miracle Called Carob (Ceratonia siliqua)

Ceratonia Siliqua-amount people knowing like Carob allso is know like Bread of St.John.
Carob is much appreciated, and even be regarded as a sacred tree, because it is a lot of resistance to various pests.
There is no need for spraying with various chemicals, and that means healthy ecological product.
One of the good features of Carob is that it can remain on the Tree for years and when it’s not to lose valued trait.

Fruits of the Carob can be eat and are very nutritious allso from the seeds u can cooked drink similiar to coffee.
Allso u can use for replacement for sugar and cocoa.
Fruits are rich in food fiber (pectin and lignin) that IMPROVEMENTS flora in the digestive tract,reduces the quantity of harmful bacteria, and decrease the level of holesterol.
In addition, they removed heavy metals and toxic substances from the organism.


Bark and the leaves of tree have medicinal properties and are used for the preparation of various extracts that help fight cold, bronchial and pulmonary diseases, as well as digestive disruption.

Natural replacement for sugar which protects against cancer of the uterus.
Can be used as a remedy for internal injury, the wound in the mouth, cough, breathing problems, and even diabetes.

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