BREAKING STUDY: A Green Herb That Could be The Cure to Five Cancer Types

January 16, 2016

Do you know moringa? The moringa is a plant that is known as Malunggay or drumstick.

Malunggay is a kind of tree often used in South Indian for its unique taste and texture. The moringa tree is often used by native people of Africa and Asia in all forms of fruits, flowers, bark, and roots.

The Moringa! A Green Herb That Could be The Cure to Five Cancer Types

Why moringa is so marvelous

First of all, we need to compare moringa to other healthy foods. Why? We need do that to know what the big deal regarding moringa is.

– Moringa seeds create edible oil, commonly known as Ben oil. The Ben oil is similar to olive oil and this oil contains a lot of antioxidants and has what called an indefinite shelf life.

– Moringa leaves are three times more iron than spinach, while the spinach is commonly known as a source of iron.

– Moringa leaves can boost our energy level in a long time period.

– Moringa has vitamin A content four times more than the carrot. This plant functions also as a beta –carotene source.

– Some scientists claim that moringa leaves and pods contain most vitamins commonly contained in most supplements we can find on the market.

– Moringa contains protein content two times more than yogurt.

– Moringa contains potassium content three times more than banana.

– Moringa has vitamin C seven times more than orange.

– Moringa will strengthen our bones as it has calcium content four times more than milk.

The Anti-Cancer Effects of Moringa

Moringa contains a lot of powerful anti-cancer compounds. Some of the compounds are rhamnetin, isoquercetin, and kaempferol. This  green herb is a promising plant to cure some cancers, such as ovarian cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, and melanoma. You can see some related studies on Pubmed here.

The studies are very important despite how long the time they spent are. The studies will begin what called moringa-based medicine in the future. The studies are still amazing regarding a fact that the moringa is common plant used as herbal and other roles.

The List of Additional Benefits of Moringa

– Can purify water.
– Consisting of nine essential amino acids, 27 vitamins, 46 antioxidants, and many minerals.
– Improving human lactation.
– Treating various chronic illnesses, bites, wounds, and other ailments.
– Can be a powerful skin cleanser, the moringa is very ideal to maintain hair health.
– As known, this plant is very safe, not containing any side effects. This plant can be consumed by children and adults.

How to Get the Moringa

You can find moringa-based products by buying them from Kuli Kuli Foods, a company based in Ghana and Haiti, managing small-scale farming cooperatives there. You can also get them at various South-Indian based grocery stores. Try this plant and you will get the benefits!

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