The Plank-Helps Get Rid of Excessive Weight

March 17, 2015

The Plank: Tightens Every Muscle and Helps Get Rid of Excessive Weight

The Plank is becoming a very popular exercise all around the planet. This exercise has a great deal of impact on the abdominal, but also effects the rest of the muscles in the body. Everyday that this exercise is practiced for just 5 minutes is one step closer to get amazing results with such a simple exercise.

The PlankUsing your hands and feet to keep the rest of the body stable, an individual will hoover over the floor, much like they would if they were in push up position. This is a very difficult position to manage for even a few minutes.

Different muscles become activated as the body holds the exercise, which will give the effect of stronger back muscles, flatter abs, legs that are sculpted and arms that are chiseled.
The Plank is a static exercise. The body should be help in an upright position and it should be kept stable without moving.

To successfully complete the plank, an individual should first lie on the floor, with the tummy on the ground. Bend the elbows to form a 90 degree angle. The elbows should be hold the body above the ground. The rest of the body should form a straight line from the head to the heels of the feet. The elbows should be positioned right underneath the shoulders. Holding the body as straight as you can, without being relaxed, the individual should resist lowering the body to the ground.

The legs will need to remain tight and straight. This will allow the ab muscles to stay tight as well.
This will help the muscles grow. The feet will need to be positioned so that the individual can keep their balance while redirecting the pressure on the abdomen region. To get the most results from the plank exercise, the lower back will need to remain flat.

The position should be like the individual is resting their back against the wall. The buttocks will need to remain tight until the exercise has been completed. When the buttocks remains tight, it will ensure that every muscle in the body has been activated. Keep the stomach muscles pulled in as much as possible and remember to breathe normally.
The elbows should be placed right under the shoulder joints in order to eliminate pressure felt from the shoulders.
Hold the plank for as long as you can and slowly work your way up to holding it longer. It is fine to start with only 10 seconds, then work up more. Most individuals will only be able to hold the plank for the first time 10 to 120 seconds.
The plank will give some excellent results. The back will become stronger as all the muscles will be activated. This will help to protect against osteochondrosis in the neck. Shoulder pain can also be relieved when doing the plank. The butt will become sculpted, cellulite will be eliminated, the hands will become stretched, the belly will flatten out and the feet will become beautiful.


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