The Relation Between Body Shapes With Some Diseases

December 1, 2015

A recent study found a surprising fact that the range of the hand, leg length, and some of the specific characteristics of the human body have been linked to risk of certain diseases.

The Relation Between Body Shapes With Some Diseases

Short people usually tend to have a long life, while those who have short legs usually tend to be easily influenced by a variety of liver-related problems.

Bra size
Canadian Medical Association recently released their latest research report, states that women with large breast size tend to have a greater risk of developing diabetes type 2. They also claimed that women with small breast size tend to have smaller risk of diabetes type.

In more detail, a woman aged 20s with bra size D have 1.5 times greater risk than women with bra size B or A. From the Canadian Medical Association’s study report, we can conclude that the risk of diabetes is directly proportional to the size of the breast.

According to scientists, the main reason is the fact that adipose tissue of breast contains sensitive hormone that responsible for what is called insulin resistance. However, women with large breast size can prevent diabetes by general measures, namely a strict diet, routine exercise, and maintaining the level of stress.

Leg length
Based on various studies and surveys that have been carried out, British scientists to make a conclusion that people with short legs tend to be easier to develop a variety of liver-related diseases.

Research conducted on a group of women finding a high risk range of leg length for developing liver diseases, which is 50-73 cm. Women with leg length of 50-73 cm usually have liver enzyme in an amount that is larger than what are owned by other groups.

The presence of liver enzyme in large quantities indicates liver disorders. Liver disorders could be prevented by reducing the consumption of alcohol or even discontinue it, and reduce also the consumption of foods that contain preservatives.

Finger length
Length of the index finger that is shorter than the ring finger indicates greater likelihood of developing osteoarthritis in adulthood. This is attributed to the lack of presence of estrogen enzyme that has a function to slow down the progression of bone disorders or diseases.

As the bra size and leg length, health problem that can occur (osteoarthritis) can be prevented, by exercising and taking calcium supplements that can be found easily at various pharmacies.

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