The Whole World is Mad about the Russian Doctor !!!

October 16, 2015

Everyone Must Read these Advice’s about Raising Children!

Evgeny Olegovich Komarovsky is one of the most famous and highly recognized pediatricians in the ex-Soviet Union countries. He is PhD in medicine, TV presenter, and author of 15 books about how to take care of your children.

The Whole World is Mad about the Russian DoctorOn a very intelligible manner he gives valuable information about children’s health, and about raising children, for which he is highly respected by many parents.

We have selected 14 quotes of the pediatrician Dr. Komarovski, who helped thousands of people, with his advices:

1. 100% of adults know how to make children, but 99.9% do not know how to create a human.

2. Physical well being of the mother that takes care of children is the biggest task for every father. The father is the one who has the obligation to solve the problems with relatives and neighbors.

3. Happy child, per se, is a healthy child, and then comes a child that knows to read and play.

4. Happy child is a child that has both parents that have time not only to love it but also to love each other.

5. Neither the number of pediatricians, nor good reputation of the pediatrician can solve the health problems of a child. This is impossible for the fact that his health largely depends on the mother and father than on all pediatricians together.

6. A child does not owe anything to anybody.

7. When parents of a sick child come to my office, I usually advice them to get a dog. Because a dog is a real reason to make parents to get a child and a dog outdoors twice a day.

8. If your child had a cold for a year, if he did not run, better effect on his health would be living in the countryside rather than holiday at the sea, even if he stays in a five star hotel.

9. A child should be like this: slim and active.

10. I’m pretty sure that most children are born healthy, but the heath itself is deteriorated by their parents and medical workers.

11. When a baby is born, it is a biological being the same as baby wolf, baby bear…Therefore, the ultimate goal in the first phase of its life is that we need to stick to the biology in order later to practice the development of sociology.

12. The essence and the role of disposable diapers is consisted of the following: baby does not have a need of diapers! Mothers need diapers!

13. The happiness and the health of the family are priority. One family should not act according to the interests of a child, but in accordance with the interests of a whole family.

14. The most important thing is – you are not the center of the universe. We as a family – that is the center of the universe. Good people are always good to everybody. Share the goodness: your mood, your food, your stuff. Don’t complain.

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