The wonderful benefits of Himalayan salt for human health!

September 11, 2015

Himalayan salt is the purest salt in the world. This salt is unique salt which has a long history. In ancient Korea, this salt was used as a medium of exchange, in addition to gold coins, while in ancient Rome; this salt was used as a means of payment.

The wonderful benefits of Himalayan salt for human health

This salt has advantages that are not owned by the refined salt. Salt metabolism can be done quickly without increasing the concentration of potassium and sodium in the body. Himalayan salt consumption does not cause a rise in blood pressure.

Himalayan salt- composition

To be noted, sodium is an essential nutrient that functions to maintain electrolyte levels, regulate blood pressure, allow normal function of the muscle tissue. Sodium contains 84 essential elements and is able to supply most of the minerals needed by the human body.

Himalayan salt contains many useful minerals that are easily digested. Himalayan salt has a unique molecular structure, containing sodium, magnesium, iron, and calcium with the right composition. The salt aged more than 250 million years and is mined manually from caves of the Himalayas.

Himalayan salt is dried naturally by the sun. This salt is packed in organic bags maintaining its purity. This salt is consumed in small quantities because it has a strong flavor. Himalayan salt consumption reduces daily salt intake. This salt is highly recommended to be consumed by people with impaired blood circulation in their hands and legs.

Himalayan salt as a medicine

In general, the salt is considered to have great health benefits. This is the reason why the salt is referred as “white gold”. Here are the benefits of Himalayan salt for human health:

* Can be absorbed by the body easily

* Set the level of water and electrolytes

* Set the absorption of blood sugar to prevent diabetes

* Set up the body’s metabolism

* Stabilizing the pH balance

* Overcome respiratory problems

* Overcome sinus

* Strengthen the bone structure during growth

* Accelerate the regeneration of brain cells

* Improves blood circulation to prevent cramps

* Helps natural detoxification process

* Maintain the liver and kidney function

* Stabilizes emotions

Himalayan salt has no damaging effects on the kidneys and stomach and other internal organs. This salt gives also the natural taste of salt at every meal. Electromagnetic radiation interference can also be minimized by laying a packet of Himalayan salt in nearby of electronic equipment.

Himalayan salt bath

Using Himalayan salt bath is highly recommended for maintaining healthy skin. Minerals contained by the salt can be absorbed easily through the skin pores.

Some conditions that can be treated by doing Himalayan salt bath:

* A variety of diseases related to skin disorders

* Injuries due to abrasions and insect bites

* Skin irritation

* Gynecological disorders

* Joints disruption

* Recovery of post-surgery wound

This salt has a detoxifying function equivalent to what can be achieved by fasting for three days.

Himalayan salt bath should be done with the use of a right mixture of water and salt, 30 grams of salt for 3 liters of water.

By taking into account the capacity of the bath in general, it is recommended for you to use 1.2 grams of salt per bath. Himalayan salt bath does not need to be combined with the soap and oil because the combining solution can reduce the benefits generated. Rest for about 40 minutes after every single bath.


How to use Himalayan salt soap

You may feel a tingling sensation caused by irritation of the skin. Do not worry, because this is temporary and signal of beginning of the detoxification process in your skin tissue.

Himalayan salt for acne

To treat acne, make a solution consisting of 3 liters of water and 100 grams of salt. Cool the solution and use during the day. The solution can peel off dead skin tissue that is usually the main cause of acne.

Apply the solution to your face gently. Application of this solution can enlarge the pores; remove all the dirt stored on the sidelines of the pores. You will get a glowing face!

Himalayan salt- recipes

Himalayan salt – to overcome the interference of the nose (sinus)

Prepare a solution, containing 0.5 liter of water and a teaspoon of Himalayan salt. Suction the solution by using a syringe. Spray the solution to your nostril by using a syringe. Do it several times until you find it easier to breathe.

How to use Himalayan salt

Himalayan salt solution can be used to treat ear infections, nausea due to the long journey, overcome the fungus on the feet (by immersion), and sore throat (gargle by using Himalayan salt solution).

Himalayan salt lamp

It is highly recommended to be owned by everyone. Himalayan salt lamp is a healthy artificial light source. Himalayan salt lamp helps overcoming various everyday problems, such as depression, allergies, and fatigue. This lamp is also in accordance with the rules of Feng Shui. You can put a Himalayan salt lamp in the room as well as office space.

How does the Himalayan salt lamp work?

The Himalayan salt lamp works by emitting negative ions that are beneficial to human health in general.

Negative ions are emitted when salt crystals are heated. Today, Himalayan salt lamp is often used as a romantic gift. The artificial lamp is usually sold at a price of 20 dollars.


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