The Worst Foods That Kids Eat

August 18, 2015

We all know how important it is to make our kids eat right.

The Worst Foods That Kids EatYes eating a few bad things will not harm them, but some of the most harmful foods are the ones that kids like the most.

Here are the worst foods that one can feed their kids:

1.  Chicken nuggets–  These nuggets contain mashed chicken and are full of preservatives and stabilizers as well as sugar and corn based ingredients.  They are high in calories, sodium and fat as well.  Try making homemade chicken nuggets instead.

2.  Soda– Also known as a soft drink or pop, this drink is packed full of sugar.  And the caffeine in pop helps to create mood swings, wear away tooth enamel, and leads to cavities.  Drink homemade fruit juice or cashew, soy or almond milk instead.

3.  Hot dogs and other processed meats-  High in calories, saturated fats and sodium, these products can help to raise blood pressure and cholesterol. Try purchasing chicken or turkey dogs or uncured hot dogs.

4.  Boxed macaroni and cheese–  Loaded with empty calories, high in sodium, and artificial colorings, this food kids love can be replaced with homemade mac and cheese made with gluten free pasta, olive oil and Parmesan cheese.

5.  Sugary cereals–  Full of empty calories and sugar, these cereals do not have much benefit to them.  Instead look for old fashioned oatmeal with honey and cinnamon.

6.  Fruit snacks and gummy bears– While the package may state made with fruit, most of the are not made with fruit.  Look at snacks that offer 100% real fruit.

7.  French Fries– This so called vegetable is loaded with trans fats that increase the risk of diabetes, and will also clog the arteries.

8.  Poptarts– These snacks are full of refined flour, along with extra sugar.  Instead toast a pita pocket and spread with organic almond butter.


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