There’s A New Deadly Disease Worse Than HIV WARNING!!!

October 6, 2015

HPV or Human Papilloma Virus is the cause of the new epidemic disease, considered more lethal than AIDS. Papilloma virus is the name of the virus that causes negative effects to the skin and the lining of the human body, such as the anus, cervix, mouth, and throat.

There’s A New Deadly Disease Worse Than HIV WARNING

This virus comes in 100 species in the United States and most of them cause warts.

This article explains to you about the dangers of HPV and why the virus is considered to be more dangerous than HIV. HPV can be sexually transmitted, and not only that, the virus is able to be transmitted through skin contact. This fact concludes that the condom is not at all useful to prevent transmission of HPV. According to general statistics, three quarters of women who are sexually active may acquire HPV in their lives.

A dangerous thing of this virus is the virus is able to settle in the human body without any significant symptoms. This means that the virus is capable of endangering human with unnoticed. HPV is a silent killer capable of causing death without realizing earlier.

Based on public opinion, condoms can prevent transmission of HIV / AIDS, but could not prevent HPV transmission. Remember that HPV can be transmitted through skin contact. Of course, condoms do not protect the entire surface of the human skin.

Women are more vulnerable to attack HPV. According to various data, the transmission rate of HPV in women is higher 5% than in men. HPV is the major cause of cervical cancer. Cervical cancer is the biggest cause of death among women. 2 types of HPV, types 16 and 18 are the cause of 70% of cervical cancer cases.


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