Thing to know the dangers of Teflon Frying Pan

August 23, 2015

Did you know about the danger of Teflon pan? For those who do know it, it is important to know that frying pan can be harmful and dangerous if you not treat it properly.

Thing to know the dangers of Teflon Frying Pan

The dangerous of Teflon frying pan is associated with improper treatment. Overheating of this frying pan can cause toxic chemical and non stick coating that can kill your bird. It is also can cause flu symptom for human being.

Overheating of Teflon frying pan can cause illness even it only takes for one or two minutes. Teflon frying pan is also linked with some health diseases such as; high cholesterol, fertility, thyroid and cancer diseases.

There are two alternatives of frying pan materials that can help you to avoid from toxic chemical with ceramic and cast iron. Both of materials are wonderful in benefits and less disadvantages. The cast iron frying pan is slightly and good tool for cook acidic.

When you are using cast iron in cooking food, you can put skillet in the oven safely. It can make you look like professional chef and can ensure heat on the pan. The cast iron frying pan can be washed with soap and water or boil water. It is flexible cooking pan that allow you to cook food at anywhere you want.

It is one of the most multipurpose cookware in the market. In other hand, cast iron pan often require seasoning. It is not non stick cookware and really heavy material.

For some reason, many people use ceramic frying pan for cookware. This pan almost non stick cookware as well as Teflon frying pan that require butter or oil in the pan to cook a food. This pan is easy to clean with soak or dishcloth. Ceramic frying pan is probably ideal for adult cookware and more practical cooking tool but it has high prices.


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