Things We Need to Know About Our Blood Type

June 28, 2017

Every human on earth has a different blood type that can tell a lot about a person and also help you by knowing some facts that can influence your health. For example, there are certain foods that can give many more benefits to the specific blood type and so on.

This information is great to have at hand in some situations and can be very beneficial. We all know the blood types that exist but here is a list of foods that is most beneficial for your blood type.

Blood Types and Food:                                 

Blood type A: A diet based of veggies with added fish, chicken and yoghurt. Avoid legumes, spicy foods, coffee and be careful of dehydration.

Blood type B: Dairy, mutton, fish, vegetables, tea, grains. Avoid alcohol, preservatives and noise.

Blood type 0: Meat, fish vegetables and fasting. Avoid processed foods, dairy and overeating.

Blood type AB: This is considered to be the blood type with the best immunity and can digest almost anything efficiently and without problems. Fresh foods are recommended as opposed to deep fried.

Blood Types and Personality:

Blood type A: organized, compassionate, empathic, leaders, efficient.

Blood type B: friendly, flexible, action oriented, meditative.

Blood type 0: practical, assertive, empathetic, attentive.

Blood type AB: calm, rational, strong, forward thinkers.

Blood Types and Stress:

Blood type A: susceptible to high cortisol levels and drinking plenty of water can calm them down.

Blood type B: Breathing techniques can calm them down even though they rarely are extremely upset.

Blood type 0: Usual outbursts of anger that can be soothed with visuals of something peaceful.

Blood type AB: Handles stress very well but in such cases walking or any other activity works best for relaxing.

Blood Types and Fat:

Blood type A: Mostly accumulates excess fats from meats and sugars.

Blood type B: Extremely affected from bread and fried foods.

Blood type 0: Irregular eating habits can make these people gain weight and fat.

Blood type AB: Gains fat due to lack of exercise and activity.


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