Things to know about Starbucks – Why you should leave them now

August 28, 2015

Starbucks become gain popularity since the first opening cafe at Washington DC. Nowadays, you can go for walk to reach Starbucks shop in your area. It is easily to get drink when you feel worn down and tired from daily activities.

Things to know about Starbucks – Why you should leave them now

In fact, some research show that supporting their product with your money make you are contributing to effort that against you directly. This is why you need to know why you should avoid drink Starbucks again in next day.

When you are visiting Starbucks shop, then you may feel that it is user friendly environmentally company that what customer to buy their best products. Today, Starbucks Company removed high fructose level in the corn syrup for their drinks product.

By all appearances, they are removing toward the vision for future business. In the last 2 years, Starbucks have been one of the largest financial support to block GMO labeling in Washington and California. In that last 2 years, Starbucks have spent over than seventy million dollars in against GMO labeling.

Does Starbucks director really believe that customer do not reverse to know what is in their food products?

Starbucks have used antibiotic laced milk from cows which are fed to GMO. Their consumer has indicated that they love to get organic milk at Starbucks and most of them are willing to pay little extra expenses for organic milk.

However, Starbucks has continues to use conventional milk that impact to customer health for decades. When you are buying Starbucks for their drink products, then you are donating this organization that bullies the GMO labeling. You can find small coffee shop and make your own favorite drinks.

In fact, Starbuck become real priority with huge food company’s connection. Losing financial support to this company will hit the biggest effects and you should not expect to Starbucks support GMO labeling.

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