You Think You’re Fat? NO, Your Belly Is Bloated And Here Is How To Reduce Or Eliminate It!

April 26, 2016

Flatulence causes discomfort and usually contains gas after we eat a heavy meal.
You Think You’re Fat NO, Your Belly Is Bloated And Here Is How To Reduce Or Eliminate It

Some causes:

High carbohydrate content in the diet is the primary cause of flatulence. You should consider reducing the consumption of sugar and alcohol. You may have to increase the consumption of fruit and vegetables.

Too fast eating
Too fast eating is one cause of flatulence because this error makes food cannot be digested properly.

Constipation can cause the gas dwell too long in your stomach. You must make sure you consume enough fiber every single day. Switch to whole wheat bread and get berry and smoothie into your daily menu.

Lack of water intake
Dehydration causes a variety of health problems, no exception for flatulence. Try to drink 6-8 glasses of water per day on a regular basis. When your body is dehydrated it will draw water from tissues including the gastrointestinal tissue that can cause flatulence. Reduce the consumption of alcohol and coffee.

Chronic Stress
Your digestive system cannot work as expected when you experience stress. Remember that the psychological problems are linked to physical problems and therefore you need to keep your stress level.


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