This Herbs Will Prevent Diabetes and Lower Your Blood Sugar Level

October 30, 2015

Nowadays, there are excellent herbal remedies to prevent diabetes and low blood sugar with oregano and rosemary. As you know that 8% of American population is affect from diabetes and always increase with unpredictable rates. In 1980 – 2011, The American population was affect diabetes up to 176%.

This Herbs will prevent diabetes and lower your blood sugar level

In these modern times, new research was begun to prevent diabetes with flavorful Mediterranean herbal, rosemary and oregano. They work as well as prescription drugs.

Oregano and rosemary were found to inhibit dipeptidyl enzyme and peptidase IV and promote secretion of insulin. They were found and researched by American chemical society. Protein tyrosine phosphatase has main role in insulin signal and lead to conclude oregano and rosemary herbal in preventing diabetes.

This herbal offer safety, cost effective and natural ways to prevent diabetes and lowering blood glucose.

It is easy to find fresh rosemary and oregano in supermarket and effective herbal in preventing and lowering blood sugar.

One research tested well the effective and effect of commercial dried extract and green house. In green house, the herbal have high level of flavonoids and polyphenols. The commercial dried extract just functions in lowering blood sugar.

The flavonoids and polyphenols in oregano and rosemary is good for inflammation. Oregano and rosemary are rich of antioxidants rosmarinic acid, volatile oils, camphene, cineol, vitamin A, C and borneol.

Rosemary is useful in promoting blood sugar level and inhibiting diabetes. It worked by reducing oxidative stress in the brain that control memory and learning. It also helps to alleviate cognitive deficits that accompany human aging.

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