This is why we should avoid routine habit that can threat our eyes healthy

August 22, 2015

There is no doubt that eyes are extreme important part of human body to keep it healthy. But many people do not realize that some of actual habit they do routinely can threat vision healthy.

This is why we should avoid routine habit that can threat our eyes healthy

In order to keep it healthy, it is important to avoid some daily habit as follows:

First, avoid our eyes from sunlight directly. It is very important to avoid exposing to sun without wear sun glasses. Sun is very harmful to our skin and dangerous for ultra violet radiation. If you see the sun directly without wear sun glasses, it can damage your eyes and lead serious eyes diseases.

In the summer seasons with strong solar radiation, it is recommended to keep stay at home and do not get out of your house without wear sun glasses.

Second, avoid watch movie on your tablet or lap top. Even watching movie is pleasant and fun but it is important to know that watch movie too much close is very harmful for your eyes. It is important to understand that lap top screen has high radiation and can lead serious eyes diseases because it is only 30 cm away from your eyes and sometimes you may feel headache.

Third, you should avoid little blinking when you are in front of computer. When you are playing a game or watching movie on personal computer, you may forget to blink. Forgetting to blink your eyes can cause serious irritation and make your eyes become dry. It is recommended to buy artificial tears and eyes hydrate to keep and protect your eyes from irritation.

Fourth, avoid reading a book or something while riding a car. When you are driving a car for long distance, you may feel bore and try to do something else.

Reading something while riding a car can make your eyes tired because you are trying to keep focus and your ayes are constantly in motion.

Last, you should avoid getting little sleep. The lack of sleep can cause dark and swollen eyes. It is very bad routine habit that can damage your eyes. It is not sufficient for your eyes to rest.

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