This South American Plant Is a Potential Cure for Cancer and Infertility

October 9, 2015

Cancer is a very serious problem. We need a miracle drug to cure all types of cancer. Relatingto the world’s needs for cancer drugs, scientists have released a study stating a result that manihot esculenta or Brazil arrowroot, South American plant, could be a solution in overcoming cancer and infertility problems.

This South American Plant Is a Potential Cure for Cancer and Infertility

This plant is classified in the spurge family. Manihot esculenta, originated from South American forests. Basically, cassava family is regarded as a cancer cure, and not only that, the family of cassava have benefits in the treatment of arthritis and extreme headaches. Manihot esculenta leaves are containing lysine, beta carotene, and proteins, making this plant as a favorite plant for everyone who wants to increase bone strength and immunity.

The health benefits of Cassava Plants

Tapioca is a starch extract of cassava tubers. Tapioca has various functions as follows:

– Overcoming Obesity
– Lowering cholesterol levels
– Improving blood circulation
– Increase the RBC count
– Repairing bone mineral density
– Improving heart health
– Keeping the digestive system
– Fixing critical fluid balance in the body
– Reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s

Starch is able to remove birth defects, overcome colon cancer, prostate cancer, and cancer that attack the bladder system. Several recent studies mention that cassava can be used in tumor therapy. A layer of cyanide in cassava can be eliminated by cooking.

Make sure you cut cassava into small pieces and place them in hot water and cold water alternately. Boil the leaves and add fruit juices into the liquid where the leaves are soaked. You can drink your potions in the morning before breakfast.

Fighting cancer properties – Vitamin B17

This South American plant is containing vitamin B17. B17 is well-known as which is useful in the treatment of cancer. The content of B17 puts cassava plants as a cancer cure. A surgeon, Cynthia Jayasuria, chose the consumption of cassava as a cancer therapy for her. After taking over the 1 month, Cynthia found herself already free of cancer cells. Cynthia consumed 100g dose 3 times a day.

Morning – Boil
Noon – Curry
Night – Curry

B17 will be mixed with healthy cells by using an enzyme, rodanese. Rodanese will break down the vitamin in 3 kinds of sugar. Beta-glucosidase will break down the vitamin into benzaldehyde, glucose, and hydrocyanic acid. Hydrocyanic acid has functions such as cyanide. This acid is able to kill a variety of cancer cells. The scientists suggest the consumption of this plant to prevent the development of cancer cells.

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