Negative Thoughts and Emotions: The Effects It Has On The Body

July 17, 2015

We as humans experience many different emotions in our lifetime.  Whether it be happiness or sadness, pain or depression, each feeling will create a different feeling for the entire body. Different chemicals are released in the body for each and every emotion that we feel. If the body releases serotonin, dopamine or oxytocin, an individual will feel joy or be happy. But if cortisol is released in the body, there will be a completely different feeling felt.

Negative Thoughts And Emotions

So what happens to the body when negative emotions are felt?

Or when positive thoughts are going through our minds?  Or maybe the body is not thinking positive or negative thoughts at all?  Here are some ways that these emotions effect our bodies.

We often think a lot about what is positive and negative in our lives.  When we think about how something should be in life, we will often see that result. Take for example when a person has road rage. They suddenly get very angry or mad and may be lose control.

Then everything around them seems to turn to the negative.  There are others that simply turn the other cheek and slow down and keep driving, not letting the incident ruin their day. The same experience happened yet one makes it a negative and the other just does not let it ruin their day.

We often define positive and negative experiences, however, we must keep in mind that no experience can truly be thought of as a positive nor a negative.  How we perceive an experience will truly determine how we feel when we deal with it, and how our bodies react. We can take each experience that we encounter and learn from it.  We must take the time to learn how each experience effects our health.

Our body and mind connection is very strong. The effects are often not seen on the body, but they have extreme effects on our bodies.  We can each create a healthy lifestyle by having a positive mental health. Or we can decide to turn that positive into a negative, which will only self destruct the body.

This will not allow our bodies to deal with the issue at hand, which will create an unhealthy lifestyle.  How we feel is stored in our bodies.  We have all felt pain that has left us scarred. One may feel like the event is still happening to them.  This is due to the fact that the emotions have been stored in the body by the body part that it effects.  Here are some various ways that certain emotions may effect the body.

  • The Neck– Stubbornness, not seeing the other side of the story, being inflexible
  • The shoulders– The ability to carry our experiences we have with joy. Life is often made a burden by our attitudes.
  • The Spine– The Support of Life
  • The Upper Spine– Feelings of being unloved, lack of any emotional support
  • The Middle Spine– Feelings of guilt, being stuck in the past, feeling like someone is on your back all the time.
  • The Lower Spine– A feeling of having lack of financial support.
  • The Elbows– Accepting new experiences and changing directions in life
  • The Wrists– Movement and being at ease
  • The Hips– Fear of not being able to move forward in certain situations
  • The Knees– Individuals that will not give in, refuse to let go of pride or stubborn egos, not being flexible
  • The Ankles– Guilt. The ability to receive pleasure from a situation
  • Bunions– Having no joy or little joy in experiences in life


Pain is often due to something that is emotionally felt in the body. This will include tightness and injuries as well. This may not seem like a huge deal, as we often do not let ourselves be in touch with how we truly feel. The more that these feelings are addressed in our lives, the sooner the pain will go away. It is a learning process. When one has experiences happen to them, they must ask how they can learn from the experience.  See if the perception can be changed so the body’s health is not harmed.

Slow life down and observe what is really happening.  When we do this, we will be able to process the emotions in a better state. Just remember that if you are constantly seeing the negative in life, life will continue to be negative for you. Everyone has control over how they feel, which will in turn effect the way our bodies feel.


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