Tips to Get Fast Relief for Foot Pain

November 2, 2015

It is great article written by Wdowin Heather, Dr. He got licensed Naturopathic medical doctor accomplished with practitioner and diagnostician. People should read more about what she does. The common cause of foot pain is fracture plantar fasciitis and tendonitis , neuropathy, gout, heel spurs and morton neuroma.

Tips to Get Fast Relief for Foot Pain

The first step is diagnosed what is the problem accurately and it can be cared properly by professional and people can try some natural remedies to treat various foot pain.

Diagnosis made with x-ray tool and if people have fracture foot will need immobile with boot or cast, Vitamin C, vitamin D and calcium are integrated to repair foot bone and it can help bone to heal properly and quickly. Proper hormone is also need to keep bone stay health, If women get estrogen level and checked well, and if man should make testosterone level in normal condition.

People have thirty one tendons in foot and if they are inflamed, so it can cause much pain. The inflammation is designed to repair broken structure but inappropriate and unbridle inflammation will cause more pain and harmful. If people have tendonitis in their foot, they want to rest as much as possible and get new structure or parts/pairs of shoes. It is recommended to avoid and get rid foods that cause inflammation like saturated foods, trans fat and should increase healthy foods such as; fish oil omega 3, protein anti inflammation and turmeric.

Heel spur and plantar fasciitis:
The steroid injection always use to manage pain from plantar fasciitis and steroid injection can decrease pain significantly. It can weaken tissue and need to re-administered in long term management. The PRP or platelet rich plasma is effective steroid injection to achieve symptom relief at three and six months after injection times. Unlike steroid, Its effect didn’t wear off with times.

At twelve month, platelet rich plasma or PRP was significantly effective that steroid. Its joint mobilization of feet and ankle and stretching workout, especially of calf muscle that improved plantar fasciitis symptom for one year. People can add some anti inflammation such as; turmeric and DHA or EPA for natural inflammation management. No accupunture treatment and high heel can be solution and helpful in this case.

Morton neuroma:
Feeling look like pebble in shoe between 3rd or 4th toes are form thickening of tissue around nerves to your toes. It is called morton neuroma and it can cause sharp. Burning pain on the ball of foot. This condition always treated with surgery but physical and manual therapy can eliminate and remove the need for it.

The steroid injection can help and manage pain in conventional method and therefore extrapolate anti inflammatory supplement. It is also can help and manage pain from Morton neuroma.

It is painful arthritis and caused by uric acid deposition in synovial joints. The uric acid is byproduct of fat and protein which rich of diet, It used for people who afflicted with this illness and diseases of excess but in the western diet is high protein and fat and people see it from the population. It is time to decrease alcohol and meat intake while increase vegetables and fruits in diet program because it can help with gout pain. Cherry is effective to reduce gout attack.

Many diabetic feet pain come from neuropathy. Managing and developing blood sugar by diet can decrease neuropathic pain. It is recommended to avoid sugar and eat low plant, glycemic and un-processed foods. The B12 injection can help people with neuropathy pain.

Remember, it is crucial to get foot pain diagnoses in proper way and correctly in order to take the best treatment options. Generally, it is time to wear supportive, well fitting foot wear and decrease inflammation is effective step to reduce foot pain. The sneaker and flat is not sexy stiletto and healthier in long run because high heel can put un-natural pressure on the foot in place that designed to withstand.

The stem cell and PRP theraphy is incredible and ffective to help tissue heal in the foot.


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