Top 4 Amish Remedy for Ear Infection

September 4, 2015

Today, there is unusual traditional lifestyle by Amish community that makes this community look different from common communities. The Amish people use natural remedies for healing and health.

Top 4 Amish Remedy for Ear Infection

They use different kind of natural remedies for salves, tea, and tonic, ointments to cure and prevent illness. The Amish community creates several natural remedies for various health problems and illness based on folk medicine.

Medical expert found that Amish people create natural remedies for ear infection such as;

1.  Garlic. It is a great natural ingredient for pain reliever includes ear infections. Garlic comes with anti-microbial compound and it helpful to prevent from extreme infections. The Amish people are usually use garlic oil which obtained by heating 2 tsp of mustard, couple of garlic cloves and sesame oil. Once these ingredients become black, it will strain slowly. The couple of hot drops mixture can reduce or eliminate ear infection.

2.  Basil. It also great ingredients to prevent pain from ear infection. They use basil leaves by crushing it in juice perform. The obtained juice can use for ear infection and you need to keep your juice out of ear canal during treatment process. Another option is mustard oil and basil leaf oil. You can apply this oil on outer side of ear.

3.  Ear candles. They use natural ear candles to eliminate earwax. The process is not difficult. First, you have to cover one end of dowel rod with linen clothes. Second, you can remove dowel rod when the paraffin wax is cold.

4.  Salt. It is the most natural remedies for pain reliever and control caused by ear infection. To start this natural remedy, you can start it by taking 1 cup of salt and heat it well. Then, you can pour the salt in sock and seal with clean clothes and also tie with rubber band. The next step is firmly press and lie down covered salt on affected ear. It is advisable to use salt bundle when the salt still in warm.

It is recommended to learn more about natural remedies for ear infection by Amish community include restoring hear loss and ear cancer effectively.

Before using this recipes, consult your doctor.

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