Top foods for healthy skin, bones, teeth, eyes and hair!

November 25, 2013

Top foods for healthy skin, bones, teeth, eyes and hair!

The secret to young skin and healthy hair ?
The secret is in the diet . Experts say that if you want healthy bones , teeth , skin and hair – these are the foods you should consume .


This green vegetable is loaded with antioxidants . Spinach contains lutein , antioxidant for healthy eyes .

Good source of vitamins B , C and E as well as potassium , calcium , iron , magnesium and omega 3 fatty acids .



If you want smooth skin , healthy hair , eyes and bones – eat Walnuts.

Include a handful of nuts in your daily menu and provide the body enough Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins E .



Small and tumble fruit full of vitamin C and antioxidants.

For tight skin, and healthy teeth and strong bones . Kiwi is a great fighter against wrinkles .


healthyDark chocolate

Protects skin from UV rays and helps keep it moisturised and contrary to standard thinking , chocolate does not cause acne .

Of course , always keep in mind that you ‘re talking about chocolate containing over 60 % cocoa .



One cup of yogurt contains more calcium than a glass of milk.Calcium is essential for healthy bones , nails and teeth .

Combine yogurt with honey , apple and cinnamon you will get the healthiest breakfast .



This superfood is full of health, especially in recent times has become a favorite vegetable for many experts . The potato is rich in beta carotene , the pigment that produces vitamin A which is needed for good vision and eye health in general, and another reason to be in this list is that it is an excellent fighter against aging. Roasted potatoes with olive oil is a full shot .

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