Use Egg White to Treat With Drooping Eyelids!

May 3, 2016

Drooping eyelids can worsen a person’s appearance. Loose skin will make it difficult for a person to apply eye makeup. This type of skin tends to make the face look older.

Use Egg White to Treat With Drooping Eyelids!Aging is the main causing factor but the disease, injury, and nerve damage cannot be ignored. In addition to plastic surgery, you cannot expect much, but every problem has a solution, no exception for baggy eyelids.

This article will explain how to overcome the problem of loose eyelid using egg-based therapy. You only need one egg only to carry out this magic method.

The eggs are very useful and for thousands of years, the eggs are an integral part of face care.

In fact, there are many traditional methods of facial treatment that use eggs as basic ingredient. You can also use them to address blackheads and pimples.

Here are some steps in using eggs to cope with drooping eyelids:

  1. Clean your face of makeup and dry it
  2. Break the eggs and take the egg white
  3. Use a cotton swab to apply egg white on your eyelids.
  4. Allow up to several minutes and you need to close your eyelids.
  5. Wash your face one more time and dry

In many cases, the results can be obtained in just a few days. You should perform this method every day until you have normal eyelids.


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