Try Hummoli and you Will Get an Amazing dip Containing Chickpeas, Olive Oil, Avocado, and Many More!

January 18, 2016

I had a snacking problem especially in the weekends when I have a cupboard of snacks that were not too good for me. I started looking for good snacks and I found some veggies that made me satisfied, however I thought I had missed something.

Try Hummoli and you Will Get an Amazing dip Containing Chickpeas, Olive Oil, Avocado, and Many More!

It was solved when I went to my friend’s party and found that he had bowls of sweets, chips, and other things. Another thing I found there was a cup of vegetables and in the midst of them; there was a small bowl of hummus. I tried the hummus and liked it. Now, I am familiar with hummus, I really enjoy it.

Back to my friend’s party, when I had finished my hummus, my friend brought a big bowl of fresh guacamole for me. I tasted the guacamole, and I thought “what a delicious!” And I started to do an experiment.

I mixed hummus and guacamole and took the mixture a little bit. I tasted it and I was excited. At that time, I thought I had never tasted something delicious like that. And then, I grabbed a big spoon of the mixture just for myself.

Interested? In this article I will share how to mix hummus and guacamole into a delicious mixture I have been eating regularly since my friend’s party.


-1 juiced organic lemon
-1 cup of cooked and cooled chick peas
-Little organic cilantro
-½ of an organic avocado
-2 teaspoons of virgin olive oil
-You may add Pink Himalayan salt and pepper

I, personally, suggest you to add a half of an organic jalapeno but you should remove its seeds first.


You can start preparing your dip by doing two ways. You can mix all ingredients in a blender and blend them. Or you mix them without using blender to get a more textured dip. I prefer to use my hands to mix all ingredients since I like textured dip. I usually put most of the cilantro and spread the rest over the dip’s top side.

I call this dip “Hummoli”. Sometimes I add some other ingredients to make the dip more special.

You can try what I’ve explained above in your own home. Good luck!

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