Try This Massage-Based Therapy to Get Rid of Pain Due to Osteochondrosis

April 18, 2016

Osteochondrosis is a condition where a part of joint cartilage separated from the bone ends together with a thin layer of the bone underneath. This disorder is most common in young men, especially after experiencing joint injury.
Try this massage-based therapy to get rid of pain due to Osteochondrosis

Try this massage-based therapy to get rid of pain due to Osteochondrosis

In this article I will offer this amazing natural medicine. This natural drug can relieve pain caused by osteoporosis and by taking this drug you can relieve pain for several years! This drug is a combination of purified vegetable oil and salt. In detail, this drug needs 20 tablespoons of essential oils (sunflower and olive) and 10 tablespoons of salt (sea salt is better).

Osteochondrosis Natural Drug:
How to prepare:

Prepare oil and salt and place them in a glass jar. Mix well and cover the glass bottle and leave it for approximately 3-4 days. You must be patient in waiting the mixture to be ready for curing your bone pain.

How to use:

Use this drug to massage your neck bone in every affected area (by pain) and do this massage therapy every morning. Massage your bone for 3 minutes and add another 20 minutes to massage the whole body. Once completed you can clean your neck with warm towel. You might be getting a sort of mild skin irritation thus cleansing the skin is very important before doing this therapy. You should also sprinkle baby powder in the end.

This procedure should be done for 10 days and in many cases can improve muscle regeneration of cartilage and bone tissue. You can also expedite your blood circulation, especially in the area of the spine and head. You may feel sleepy while practicing this amazing method but no need to worry because the osteochondrosis treatment is harmless and does not cause harmful side effects.


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