‘Universal cancer vaccine’ breakthrough claimed by experts

June 16, 2016

The way of boosting the immune system to attack tumors is already found by the researchers and it has no side effects at all.

'Universal cancer vaccine’ breakthrough claimed by experts

Scientists created a universal vaccine which is a positive thing since it can provoke the immune system to attack cancer and tumors as if they were virus and eliminate it.

Researchers from all over the world gathered to take pieces of cancer genetic RNA code and put them into really small nanoparticles of fat. Then, with the permission of three patients to inject the mixture into their bloodstreams when the disease already was in an advanced stage.

The immune system of the patient reacted by creating T-cells which kill the cancer.

It has been used on mice as well by the professor Ugur Sahin from Germany which says that the aggressively growing tumors were attacked by the vaccine.

The Nature wrote that these kind of vaccines are not expensive and really fast to produce and it is worth it because every antigen (protein attacked by the immunity) is encoded by RNA.

Therefore, this immunotherapy with RNA nanoparticularized it can be regarded as universal vaccine for different kind of cancer.

The aim of the experiment was not to test how the vaccine will show while the three patients were given low doses of it. The result does not show that the cancer is gone although the immune system of every patient reacted.

While given the vaccine, the patient with tumor on the lymph node reacted and it get smaller. In a patient were the tumors were removed surgically, after the vaccination the tumor does not show for seven months.

The last patient had eight tumors which developed from the initial skin to the lungs. It is said that these tumors were clinically stable after the vaccination.

This universal vaccine using various pieces of RNA, activates the dendritic cells which selects targets in order the immune system to attack it. Next, the T-cells respond with their killing characteristics which deal with infections.

This cancer therapy with the immune system is very exciting in the medical community since it provokes positive vibes.

The patients already experienced the effect of it for more than ten years treating various kinds of cancer.

If the cancer  or other forms of the disease is treated traditionally then it can be cured completely, but melanoma, lung cancer, brain or neck cancer are very difficult to treat.

It will be a step forward if the treatment is injected into the blood stream and it is effective as well. Chemotherapy can cause severe sickness whereas the vaccine produces very small amount of flu effects.

The method called immunotherapy treating cancer evolves really fast. A new study shows that the immune system responds against the antigens in a cancer and this respond can be provoked by a brand new vaccine (made on small group of people and mice) as the professor Alan Melcher says.e.

It is too early to say anything of the benefit of this research although it is quite interesting.

The scientists are uncertain in the practicality of the vaccine and whether the benefit experienced by mice will be helpful for the human too. Also there is doubt if the nanoparticles will be produced all over the world.

The immune system can be easily manipulated and reactivated for fighting the cancer cells, and this is the reason why the research was conducted for fifteen years as Dr Helen Rippon claims.

The immune response in the three patients was described as positive and the developed skin cancer was difficult to treat.

She also says that the research must be done in a bigger group of people with different types of cancer and it needs time before the official declaration that the universal cancer vaccine is discovered. But the initiative and the start of this research is a positive step on a global level.

Source: independent | nature

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