Unusual Signs of Stroke in Women That Nobody Talks About

April 23, 2016

Stroke attacks both men and women. According to the National Stroke Association, each year no less than 55,000 women die from stroke, making stroke as the third leading death cause for women.
Unusual Signs of Stroke in Women That Nobody Talks About
Stroke is a condition where the brain is not able to receive oxygen and nutrients from the blood due to blockage of blood vessels of the brain. This condition can cause damage to brain cells permanently. Basically, there are various types of stroke: ischemic stroke, hemorrhagic stroke and mini-stroke caused by temporary blockage.

Mini stroke can be recovered quickly: however this is a serious warning of greater problems. Abandonment of the mini stroke will only get you into more serious problems.

Most women are not aware of mini stroke, so they need to know some of the associated symptoms. We should be aware that men tend to suffer stroke due to bad lifestyle such as smoking, but along with increased age, women continue to have an increased stroke risk.
Risk factor:

• Obesity
• Lack of exercise
High cholesterol
• Drug abuse
• Smoking
• Hypertension
• Cardiovascular problems
• Diabetes

Some of the risk factors in women:

• Pregnant
• Family planning pills
• HRT or Hormone Replacement Therapy
Migraine with aura
• Mental disorders

Some of the common symptoms in men and women:

• Numb
• Impaired vision
• Confusion
• Dizzy
• Acute Headache

Stroke in women:

The effects of stroke in women can destroy even cause permanent memory loss. Of course, this depends on how severe the stroke experienced. Stroke affecting the right side of the brain will cause memory impairment, while stroke affecting the left side of the brain will cause a speech disorder. Repairing lifestyle and early detection are the two main factors in the prevention of stroke, particularly in women.


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