Few Reasons Why You Should Start Using Incense Right Now

November 30, 2014

Few Reasons Why You Should Start Using Incense Right Now

Incense is aromatic material obtained from the resin of the tree called boswellia sacra. This tree naturally grows on the Arabian Peninsula and East Africa. People living in this area have traditional knowledge and skills which help them gather and use incense.


At one point incense was so popular that it had the same price as gold. In ancient times in the Orient, incense was used in ritual sacrifice and as a defense against the demons. In Greece, around 6-7 century B.C., incense was used in mystic cults. In Egypt incense was related to the cult of the dead as well as in Babylonia, Crete and Persia.

Incense as a medicine

The base of the chemical composition of incense consists of pentacyclic triterpenes with acidic properties. Triterpenes are a broad class of compounds with different structure. Many triterpenes have interesting pharmacological properties like antiviral and anti-inflammatory effects. From antiquity to the Middle Ages, healers used incense as medicine against stomach ailments and colds.

IncenseThe medical practitioners in Europe became aware of the healing properties of incense around three decades ago. This was the first time when series of scientific researches took place. These researches confirmed that there are numerous areas in the field of medicine where incense can be used.

The benefits of using incense

Aromatherapy – Aromatherapies are getting very popular these days because they have proven to be really effective when it comes to stress relief and finding inner peace. This alternative way of healing is based on essential oils and very often burning incense sticks too. It is good to point out that there are different types of incense sticks and each of them brings different benefits.

Skin care – Direct application of incense on the skin can help people get rid of acne and pimples, but it can also help people deal with wrinkles and wounds. Thanks to the specific composition of incense the skin can be rejuvenated.

Anti-inflammatory properties – This is one of the earliest properties of incense that were scientifically proven. What is interesting is that incense, unlike many other herbs and substances that have anti-inflammatory properties, doesn’t work in only one way (by affecting the work of certain receptor or enzyme) but it has impact on several receptors/enzymes.

Since different people have different bodies and metabolisms, this means that if the anti-inflammatory property doesn’t work in one way, incense will trigger another reaction in the body, which makes this substance highly efficient.

Cancer and brain tumor – Although these researches are still in their beginning there are numerous signs that suggest that incense in combination with other substances can help in treatment of cancer and especially in treatment of brain tumor. Of course, we will have to wait for confirmed scientific researches but it looks like is not only a material used in the past, it might be a medicine of the future.

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