10 Solutions How to Treat Vaginal Odor

March 31, 2015

Personal hygiene is very hard for some woman to talk about. They may even feel uncomfortable talking to their doctors about issues they may be experiencing.

Often times they will use a strong deodorant to mask any issues, but this is not helping the issues any, and often times can make things worse. Vaginal odors are very common in ladies, especially in younger girls going through puberty.

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However, there are things that can be done to help anyone with this issue at hand.

Consider trying any of the methods below to treat vaginal odor:

1. Do not wear tight fitting clothing. Wear cotton underwear that will allow this area of your body to breathe. Do not wear thongs as they can create excessive sweat, which will make the area smell worse.

2. Do not use soap on this area when cleaning. This will create an odor. It is important to wash the area each and every day, however, one can make their own vaginal cleanser or purchase a store bought one. To make one at home, add a few drops of rose water to a cup of water along with a few drops of glycerin. Use this to wash the private area.

3. Treat the area with yogurt. Vaginal odor may be sign of a yeast infection. Yogurt can help to fight off a yeast infection. Simply eat a few cups of unsweetened yogurt each day with meals.
One may also wish to dip a tampon in yogurt that is unflavored and not sweetened, inserting it in the vaginal cavity. Leave in for an hour or two and then remove.

4. Keep track of your diet. Make note of foods that trigger a smell down there. Lots of sugar in the diet can make the area smell worse. Reducing sugar intake can reduce the vaginal smell.

5. Use tea tree oil diluted in water to clean the vagina with. This will help to reduce any infection and cut down on the smell.

6. Chlorophyll will help to reduce the smell in the vagina. Simply add one tablespoon of liquid chlorophyll in a cup of water and vaginal odors will disappear.

7. Use garlic to kill an overwhelming vaginal odor. Take garlic pills as a supplement or one may wish to insert a garlic clove directly into the vagina.

8. Apple Cider vinegar can help to reduce any odor in the vagina. Add one cup of ACV to the bathtub and soak. The ACV will give off anti-bacterial properties that are essential in eliminating this odor.

9. Fenugreek will help to control the hormones in woman when eaten daily. It may be added to meals or a tea can be made by soaking these seeds in water overnight, then drinking the strained mixture on an empty stomach the next morning.

10. Sodium bicarbonate will bring PH levels in the body back to normal. Soak in a bathtub with a handful of baking soda added to it. An individual may also wish to add a teaspoon of baking soda to a glass of water and drink it to lower the PH of the body.


dr. nikita chandole - April 1, 2015

thanks for giving such nice information abt hygiene and it is very helpful for us..

John - April 1, 2015

Baking soda raises pH, not the other way around.

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