VITAMIN BOMB FOR BODY REGENERATION: Paste invented by Russian Doctor that Gives Energy to our Body

August 21, 2015

The paste made by Russian Dr. Amosov is a real vitamin and mineral bomb. This mixture is a real treasure of vitamins and microelements. Dr. Amosov used to prescribe this mixture to the post surgery patients for fast recovery. It is extremely beneficial for healthy people, too.

VITAMIN BOMB FOR BODY REGENERATION- Paste invented by Russian Doctor that Gives Energy to our Body

This paste replaces vitamin deficiency, especially during winter period, flu and colds season. This mixture is especially good for strengthening the cardiovascular system and for boosting immunity.

Dr. Amosov Paste Recipe:




-Dry apricots




Lemon with rind

Grind or cut to small pieces all the ingredients, add honey, mix well and transfer the mixture in a jar.

Keep the jar in the fridge.


Take 1 tablespoon, twice a day, in the morning on empty stomach and at night before you go to bed, together with cup of warm water or milk. For children (not recommended for children under 3-4 years old) – 1 teaspoon, following the same pattern.
Most of the fruit is treated with certain chemicals before drying, to increase the consumption period. Therefore it is recommended that you wash them well before consumption. Just put the dried fruits in a bowl with boiled and then cooled water and let them stay during the night.

Strain them in the morning and rinse the fruits a lot of water and let them dry.

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