5 Signs that you may have Vitamin D Deficiency

January 27, 2015

How To Tell If You May Be Deficient in Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a very important vitamin for the body. Vitamin D is important in helping the bones grow, as well as helping the skin look good and the mind function correctly. It comes mainly from the sun, but can also be supplemented in the foods we eat and in supplemental form.

Vitamin DThere are many ways to tell if you are not getting enough vitamin D. Six hundred IUs should be taken daily by those that are under the age of 70. Those exceeding the 70 year age should aim for 800 Ius.

To determine if you are getting enough vitamin D or not, look for these signs:

1. Those who are not getting enough vitamin D will see that the bones in the body ache. Joints may be stiff, especially after sitting for a bit.

2. You are depressed. Those that are depressed may not be getting enough vitamin D. Often times this will happen in the winter when individuals are stuck inside.


3. Individuals that are overweight may not be getting enough vitamin D. Vitamin D is fat soluble, so it is diluted in the body. This means the more fat a person has, the more the vitamin D will diluted down more. Those that are bigger may wish to supplement the diet with more vitamin D.

4. Those with darker skin tones might not be getting enough vitamin D in their daily diets. Those with darker skin tones need more sun than those with lighter skin tones, by up to 10 times, to make vitamin D in the body.

5. Individuals that suffer from digestive disorders may be effected by the vitamin D. Many times with stomach issues, there is issues with the fat absorption, which makes vitamin D harder to be absorbed into the body.




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