Want to Get Rid of Your White/Gray Hair for Good? There Is a Way…

June 28, 2016

Scientists, after many studies find out that there are many factors causing the white hair. This condition can occur mostly to genetics, sometimes of stress and some researches show that certain diseases can increase the whitening of the hair.

Want to Get Rid of Your WhiteGray Hair for Good There Is a Way…Many people around the world deal with this issue before even getting fifty years.

In addition, medically explained, the white hair can appear in this way: melanin is a pigment which can be found in the follicle of the hair. There is a period when our hair begins to lose the color and white hair occurs since the body cannot create melanin anymore.

We found a natural recipe which can be very great in eliminating the white hair and restoring the natural color of your hair for longer period.



Peel the lemons and the garlic and cut them in pieces. Add the flax-seed oil and the honey and mix it into a bowl. Use a glass jar as a container to the mixture and pour it inside. Put in in your refrigerator and use it before meals just a tablespoon is enough two times a day.

Additional remedies for white hair:

  • The cow milk butter can help in restoring your natural hair color by rubbing it in your scalp two times in a week.
  • You can combine one liter of yogurt and one tablespoon of yeast. You should eat this mixture before every meal and the dose is one bowl.
  • Boil some coconut oil and some curry leaves. Then, strain the mixture and leave it until it is completely cooled. Put this mixture on your scalp and leave it for a few minutes to make its magic and rinse it with water.

Source: myilifestyle

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